PK Tech Announces Security Operations Center-as-a-Service in Partnership with Arctic Wolf

AWN CyberSOC™ Service Gives PK Tech Customers Industry-Leading Managed Threat Detection and Response Services to Tackle the Increasing Dangers of Advanced Cyberattacks

Phoenix, AZ –Feb 28, 2019 –PK Tech has teamed with Arctic Wolf Networks, a leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service company, to provide threat detection and response capabilities to protect against today’s advanced cyberattacks.

Intel Shortages Affecting Workstation and Servers

Heads up to those in the market for desktops, laptops, and servers: The great Intel shortage of 2019 is here.
We’re seeing very limited stock for Intel-based computers and servers across all major manufacturers. We’ve heard estimates that availability will be back to normal by Q3 2019. If you purchase a back ordered intel based computer, its estimated to take months to arrive at this point.

Life as a High Value Phishing Target

If you’re a business owner, manager, finance person, or have any sort of purchasing power, you’re a high value target for cyber-criminals.  
You also may be described as one of three things:

A whale (hackers try to “spear” you)
Aery attacked person (VAP)
A high-value target (HVT).  

The effectiveness of phishing is indisputable.

5 Questions to Ask Before Transitioning to a Software Vendor’s Cloud Platform

While software vendors typically provide a dose of value-add service to your business, it’s important to spend the time up front to understand their cloud offerings and weigh the Pros and Cons before you sign a long term agreement.

It’s highly likely you’re already on a well vetted cloud platform already -- such as Office 365 or G Suite for email.

Picking the Right Approach to IT Maintenance Windows

Planning to perform IT maintenance within your business? This blog breaks down some common terms and how you can best prepare your business for minimal interruption, most efficient results, and for the right budget.
First off, a maintenance window is a period of time designated in advance where IT personnel are able to take down IT resources for the purpose of maintaining a healthy and predictable IT environment.

Tariffs and Your IT Budget

You’ve likely heard about the the tariffs on goods from China in the news.  US consumers and business are already seeing the effects. The exact structure of these tariffs are complicated and will likely shift over time.
To summarize:

Prices on some computer/server components (hard drives, RAM, etc.

Don’t Let Your Website Developer Touch DNS

Here’s a free tip that will save hours or even days of email and remote access downtime for your business.
First, you’re probably wondering,  what is DNS anyway?
The Domain Name Services (DNS) is a service used to convert a computer’s host name into an IP address.

Office 365 updates to make your life easier

In the software industry, continuous improvement is the name of the customer retention game. The behemoth Microsoft constantly churns out Office 365 enhancements, many of which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Here are some of the new and upcoming ones most likely to be useful in your business. Office Write and draw with digital […]