American’s Stolen Identities Only Worth $8 Per Record on the Dark Web

Like many of us, you’ve probably worried about what it would be like to get your identity or private information stolen. You’re careful with your credit card information, your social security number, and other sensitive information. But have you ever wondered what you’re worth if your information were successfully stolen?

After completing a successful phishing campaign or data breach, cybercriminals sell stolen personal information on the black markets (i.e., the dark web). Researchers from Comparitech analyzed over forty web marketplaces to learn how much PayPal, SSN, and credit card information are worth to cybercriminals looking to sell the information.

Building Owners – Blur Your Google Street View For Increased Privacy and Physical Security

You’ve probably been on Google Maps before and thought, “Wow, Google Street View is cool!”. But have you thought about the privacy and security implications of allowing the entire world to have a high definition curbside view of your property? Please note, if you’re a high foot traffic business in a complex, it makes sense to allow tech-savvy onlookers to get a preview of what your storefront looks like.