PK Tech Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Phoenix, AZ--October 9, 2019-- Founded on October 9, 2009, PK Tech is celebrating ten years servicing the Greater Phoenix Area this October. PK Tech is proud to serve the Greater Phoenix Area and continue its presence as one of the premiere IT providers in the region.

Make Your Business More Competitive with IT Consultants

In-house IT versus IT consultants. The great debate. We get this question a lot: which is better? Should you have an in-house IT expert or hire an IT consultant? Or both?

Competitive advantage in business is about understanding your business, your competition and your industry.

4 Quality HIPAA Resources for Your Business

We’ll be the first to tell you no one person or company can “know it all”. That’s why at PK Tech, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with value-add resources and partnerships to lean on for additional industry-relevant information.

Just like how you consume the news, it’s important to read different resources, perspectives and up-to-date sources when self-educating on HIPAA compliance.

7 Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

Through an exciting new partnership with Compliancy Group, we’ve compiled health care compliance program tips to help your organization quickly and easily navigate health compliance. No more wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

HIPAA | Technology Survival Guide 

Maybe you’re HIPAA compliant but still looking for ways to continue to improve your healthcare organization from a technology perspective. Enter the “Technology Survival Guide”.  Three easy ways to start improving the way your organization approaches HIPAA compliance and patient information management.

How to Ensure Technology HIPAA Compliance in Your Business

HIPAA. Most people have heard the acronym, you might even know what it stands for, but do you really know what it means for your business? 
HIPAA does not just matter for your primary physician.. If you accept health insurance as payment OR if you’re a vendor for a client that accepts health insurance funds AND you have access to electronic patient health records, you must comply with HIPAA regulations.