5 Things to Review Regarding Your IT Company

Reviewing your IT company is no different than reviewing your business processes to determine inefficiencies and room for improvement. Reviewing your IT company ensures you are receiving the IT support your business needs to be successful. Use these 5 questions as a starting point for reviewing your current IT company: 
1. Is your IT company’s headquarters local to your company headquarters?
On-site support is a huge benefit when working with an outsourced provider.

Things to Know Before Installing Antivirus Software

Given the topic on hand, protecting your business from viruses is not as simple as just purchasing antivirus software. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s important to pay attention to these 10 determinants to purchasing antivirus software when shopping to ensure you are truly protecting your business from viruses—and not just purchasing a false sense of security.

Stop Buying Shiny Computers for Your Business!

We’ve been assessing small businesses in the valley for 10 years and we’re hoping to bring awareness to a pattern we’ve nicknamed “shiny computers”. Read below to understand why shiny computers have no business in your business.
What the heck are shiny computers? 
We classify shiny computers as “consumer-grade” workstations.

4 Steps to a Successful Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Make Sure You Have a Plan
The case for backup and disaster recovery planning is straightforward: most small businesses cannot survive even one data breach, yet security experts warn us that becoming a victim of cybercrime is not a matter of “if,” but “when.

How To Prevent a Malware Attack on Your Business

Of all the cybersecurity threats to your business, malware attacks are the most common kind. Cyberattacks that use malware are a serious threat to every type of business, from small business owners to large corporations. With every year, malware sophistication grows.

PK Tech Earns Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance


Phoenix, AZ- December 23, 2019– PK Tech officially announced acquisition of the Compliancy Group seal of HIPAA compliance. This comes in line with PK Tech efforts to promote HIPAA compliance education resources and support to clients. You can read PK Tech’s recent HIPAA compliance blog series by visiting their blog here.

9 Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online in the New Year

As the world continues to move online, we often spend more time on mobile phones than computers, and as social media becomes more and more prevalent, it’s as important as ever to understand how to protect your privacy online. We’re breaking down the top 9 Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online in the New Year.

Home vs. Business-Class Computers. Why Does It Matter?

What’s the difference between your home and business class computer? Should they be the same? Different? And the most important question: why does it matter? 

We get these questions all the time. Can I use the same computer at home and at work? What are the risks versus the benefits? 
Let’s first break down the difference between a “home” computer and a “business-class” computer (other than the obvious: one is at home, one is at work).
Business-class computers will come with business versions of the Windows Operating system, 3-5 year warranties (typically), and overall build quality will be focused on longevity and durability.

PK Tech Maintains Respected Technology Industry Credential for 4th Year

Phoenix, AZ- October 17, 2019 – PK Tech is proud to uphold the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction, since 2015. 

“Earning this credential identifies PK Tech as a business that meets or exceeds the best business practices the IT industry has to offer,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. “This includes managed services agreements, standard operating procedures, systems and tools for delivering services and general business operations.