How to Streamline Email Signatures In Your Small Business

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Have you ever received an email from someone and been impressed by their title and signature tagline? You likely just experienced a business that has streamlined its signature process.

As the number one communication channel for organizations across the globe, the image your employees portray in their email signature line matters

Streamlining signatures in your small business will make you look more like a “big” business. Signature management will play a vital role in maximizing your business’s credibility and keeping everything, including the signatures of your employees, professional and on-brand.

What is Signature Management? 

Signature management refers to software that allows you to control your entire organization’s email signature lines. Several software options are on the market, most notably Microsoft’s Exclaimer.

With signature management, you can create and implement professional, consistent signatures for every business size with easy-to-use email signature management software.

Do I Need Signature Management?

Wondering if your business really needs signature management? Ask these questions.

  1. Do you want signatures on staff emails that are relevant, consistent, accurate, and current?
  2. Do you want to gather insightful information about email recipients to inform marketing campaigns?
  3. Do you want to streamline email signature management and, in doing so, save money?

If your answer was “yes” to one or all of the above questions: good news! Different signature management software can achieve all of these goals for your business.

Special software makes email signature management easy to implement and use. It eliminates manual intervention of varying processes and simplifies the design process for continuity organization-wide. Once your IT team has set up email signature software and integrated it into your organization’s email systems, all changes can be managed centrally. It also allows business decision-makers complete control over email signature design.

Implementing Signature Management Software

Mismatched signatures and unsurveyed emails are common issues of quickly growing businesses. Ask your IT department about implementing signature management software to streamline your signature design and start capturing email analytics feedback.

At PK Tech, we offer the option to implement Exclaimer for our clients already using Microsoft 365 Office products. Exclaimer is simply an easily added feature to a platform they’re already paying for. With Exclaimer , businesses can create, deploy, and easily manage on-brand and consistent signatures with Office 365.

If your business is ready to start managing your signatures and needs assistance with implementation, PK Tech can help. No matter your industry, signature management benefits the professionalism and continuity of all business types and scopes.

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