New Ransomware Trend “Pay or Get Breached” Is on the Rise

A troubling new ransomware trend is gaining momentum. Known as the “pay or get breached” trend (also called the “double extortion” scheme), it gained a foothold in 2020 and is gaining steam as we begin 2021. 

With more than 550 incidents in the fourth quarter alone, ransomware attackers have not been shy in adopting the “pay or get breached” scheme.

Cybercriminals Do Not Necessarily Leave Your Network After a Ransomware Attack

It’s a common misconception that ransomware attackers quickly deploy and then retreat, so they remain anonymous. If you ask most victims of a ransomware attack, this is likely their assumption. On the contrary, ransomware attacks can range from only one day to up to multiple years—that is to say, attackers indeed do not flee the scene after their initial attack.