Change is Here for Arizona Phones With 602 and 623 Area Codes

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New dialing changes for customers within the  602 and 623 Arizona area codes have arrived. Customers with these area codes can expect to have received a text message from their cell phone provider about area code changes for your phone call. 

Wondering why Arizona has instituted this change and whether it affects you? This blog will answer your questions.

Why the Change in Arizona Area Codes?

In 2021, the Arizona Corporate Commission created an order approving the removal of boundary restrictions between the 480, 602, and 623 area codes. These are area codes that currently serve all of the Greater Phoenix Area. Those area codes affected by the change will include 480, 602, or 623 phone numbers. 

How Will Arizona Area Codes Work Moving Forward?

Customers with 602 or 623 area code phone numbers must dial the area code and phone number on all calls, including those within the same area code. The expected change will take effect on August 12, 2023. If 602 and 623 customers just dial seven digits, calls will be incomplete, with a recording telling you to hang up and to try dialing again.

Additionally, Greater Phoenix Area boundary lines with area codes 480, 602, and 623 will be removed entirely on September 12, 2023. Anyone requesting a new phone number after September 12th may be assigned any of the three area costs. 480 area codes have already transitioned to the new 10-digit dialing system. 

Will Phone Numbers Stay the Same? 

Rest easy, your actual phone number will stay the same. Additionally, if you do not have one of the three affected area code numbers, your area code will remain the same. 

Pricing will also remain constant. Coverage area, rates, and current services provider from your telephone service provider are not expected to change either. Contact your telephone provider with additional questions or for more information here.

Business Phone Solutions in Phoenix

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