The Best Managed IT Services for Your Phoenix Business

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“Best” is a relative term. What your business may require for managed IT services depends on various criteria, from organization size to industry and client scope.

Perhaps you are a healthcare clinic needing HIPAA-specific IT services or a CPA firm looking to protect sensitive personal identification data. Certain IT services will be the best fit for your business based on your needs.

This blog will cover the best managed IT services for your Phoenix-based business and critical questions to ask when selecting a managed IT service provider. 

5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective MSP

When it comes to working with a managed IT service provider, trust is critical. Technology and cybersecurity are becoming more and more essential to the growth and success of any business. As you partner with an MSP, you are putting your IT infrastructure in the hands of a third party–and it needs to be a partner you can trust. 

  1. How long has your company been in business? While every business has to start somewhere, with longevity comes inevitable experience and expertise. Finding an MSP that has been in business for more than just a few years will be advantageous.
  2. What are your qualifications? In the world of IT, certifications and qualifications matter. The cybersecurity landscape is continuously changing, so staying current on the latest certifications means that an MSP is at the cutting edge of IT and will have the tools and knowledge to best protect your business. 
  3. What kinds of services do you specialize in? One MSP may be a best-in-class fit for one type of business and industry but not for others. For example, if you require HIPAA-specific IT services, ensure your prospective MSP has the knowledge to fulfill this need. (More on the best-managed it services we recommend below)
  4. What is your response time for critical issues? While the goal of working with any MSP should be prevention, critical issues will arise, and it’s important to know you’ll have the access you need to your MSP. If you are a business that may require 24/7 support, ensure this is something the MSP can provide.
  5. Do you have client reviews? The best compliment to a business is happy customers. Ask for a list of current clients and read honest reviews. 

Best Managed IT Services 

Once you’ve screened your prospective MSP with the above questions, you need to dive into which services your business needs. As we mentioned below, “best” is different for every business. Below we’ll review a list of managed IT services that we believe are worth considering no matter your business type, industry, and scope.

  1. IT Assessments–IT assessments provide a baseline assessment of your organization’s current IT infrastructure, creating a roadmap for your future cybersecurity plan.
  2. Cloud Solutions
  3. IT Support–monthly or 24/7 support, IT support on some level is necessary for nearly every business. 
  4. Cybersecurity–in a constantly changing threat landscape, a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is necessary for all businesses to protect themselves from preventable data breaches and ransomware attacks.
  5. Backup–no matter the nature of your data, you need to protect it by properly backing it up and protecting the backups.
  6. VoIP Business Phone Solutions–many MSPs can provide more efficient business phone solutions. 

Choosing the Best Managed Service Provider

Selecting the right MSP for your business will be integral to your success and longevity. With the right questions in hand and an understanding of the services you may require, you will be equipped to make an educated decision about which MSP to partner with.

Working with an MSP provides a wide range of benefits, namely the opportunity to take a proactive approach to preventative cybersecurity. In an ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape, it’s vital for organizations to be working with an MSP that is staying at the cutting edge of cybersecurity changes.

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