Technical Support for Phoenix Businesses

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Your business is growing rapidly. As you expand products or services, your team, or consider outsourced services, technical support may be on your mind.

You may be thinking of customer service and wondering if technical support is the same thing – perhaps you already have that covered.

You may be growing in revenue and quantity of data and exploring ways to protect your organization if disaster strikes.

Technical support is vital for businesses of many different sizes but varies based on the size and scope of your business. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what technical support can entail and what type might be the best fit for your organization. 

What is Business Technical Support? 

Technical support is those trusty individuals you call when your business is stopped dead in your tracks from technical issues. Many times, the issues are easily and quickly resolved! Regardless, an excellent technical support team for your Phoenix business means peace of mind in getting quick help when business operations are down.

Technical support might also include troubleshooting, diagnosing technical issues, resolving technical issues, onboarding new employees and new users, and replacing or repairing computer equipment. 

Is customer service the same thing as technical support? 

Nope! While customer service and technical support both have vital roles in most organizations, they are very far from the same thing. While technical support focuses on resolving actual technical issues, customer service focuses on resolving customer-specific issues and centers around providing a great customer experience. Technical support works with your internal team to keep business operations moving smoothly. 

Types of Technical Services for Businesses

Technical services are services that an IT organization provides to support business services or IT operations. With oversight from a network administrator, technical support professionals are generally there to advise and help computer users when they experience any computer network issues.

Typically, technical services fall into two main categories: remote support or on-site support.

The following are more specific examples of technical support provided by a managed IT service provider: 

  • Employee provisioning
  • Backup and recovery, storage
  • Self-service help desk 
  • Assisting customers with issues related to the installation or performance of software, network, or computer equipment. 
  • Diagnosing software problems
  • Providing assistance in person or by phone or email
  • Troubleshooting network problems
  • Testing new technologies
  • Maintaining system functionality by testing computer components
  • Running computer diagnostics and reading technical manuals– then working with users to analyze and resolve issues or to offer technical insight.

What Types of Businesses Need Technical Support? 

The million-dollar question. Are you the type of business that needs technical support? How do you know? 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business in today’s world that doesn’t use some type of technology to run its operations. It’s simple: technology fuels efficiency, so most companies tap into technology features and solutions to make their business run as efficiently as possible.

With technology comes the need to have the right experts to ensure everything  runs smoothly so the business can run as well. While technology is a fantastic advantage, when a business relies on technology to operate, they rely on it whether it’s functioning or not. If servers are down, the business is down as well. If customers can’t access your website, sales stop. 

The value of technical support to almost any business is both the ability to have immediate support when issues arise and measures that prevent problems in the first place. For some companies, this is more important than others. However, every business can benefit from hiring some level of technical support.

Technical Support for Your Phoenix Business

At PK Tech, we cover it all when it comes to technical support for your Phoenix-based business. Remote or on-site, we can solve and often prevent a host of issues that may arise and negatively affect your business operations. 

Discover more about our technical support as part of our managed IT services here