How Electronic Storage Devices Can Pose a Security Risk for Your Business

PSA: If you ever find any sort of electronic storage (USB Drive, Flash Card, SD Card, SIM Card, etc) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEE WHAT’S ON IT.

Have you ever come across an electronic storage device at work or home and wondered what’s on it? Valid question. But, PLEASE PAUSE before inserting it into your computer.

What are the potential risks?

Electronic storage devices are often designed in a way that some can have security flaws–of  which impact day-to-day computing on your device. The risk is enough that you should be cautiously suspicious of the trustworthiness of these routine devices before inserting them into your computer(s). 

3 Specific Ways Electronic Storage Devices Pose Risk: 

  1. A device could falsely act as a keyboard and issue its own commands to the control system to perform a cybersecurity breach such as to install malware or to steal files.
  2. A device can pretend to be a network card. This device could modify your computer’s DNS (domain name system, how you convert an IP address to a name i.e. to and directs you to insert a URL for a website to secretly redirect your traffic and steal information.
  3. A device could execute a malicious program automatically when plugged in. These devices could even infect the computer when booting up, prior to antivirus software even turning on.

How to Avoid Risk: 

  1. Never insert an unknown electronic storage device (USB Drive, Flash Card, SD Card, SIM Card, etc) into your computer.
  2. Encrypt your flash drives. Losing an unencrypted flash drive with private information on it is also a huge security risk! 
  3. Install antivirus software.

If you ever find an electronic storage device that you are unsure of the contents, error on the side of caution, and loop in your IT company. If you’re a business and want to talk about this topic, please reach out to us. 

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