This is What PK Tech Can Do For Your Business During Coronavirus

Many businesses feel like they’re in limbo during this time: adjusting to a staff working from home, attempting to drive business during a paused economy, and wondering what the near and distant future really looks like.

At PK Tech, we’re still operating and adapting to the times. We’re continuing to actively serve our clients needs–wherever they’re at–during the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wondering what PK Tech can do for your business? 

Here’s 5 Things PK Tech Can Do For Your Business Right Now During Coronavirus: 

1. Supply Computers

Some (or all) of your staff is likely working from home now. You may need additional computers so that they are all able to continue productivity from the office or home. We’re still ordering computers and delivering them to clients throughout the slowdown. Inventory is limited, but we’ve been able to find laptops, workstations, and all-in-ones that meet our standards. 

2. Infrastructure Projects

For businesses looking at the long term, now is a great time to perform major infrastructure changes and/or upgrades. We’ve done several server installations and Azure migrations in the last few weeks. With a reduced workload, we’re being offered longer downtime windows. This allows us to knock projects out during the weekday and save our clients on after hour/weekends fees. We also have our own PPE and we’re able to go on-site for projects as-needed.

3. Cloud Projects

If you’re not on Office 365, now is a great time to migrate to it. We’ve moved a few businesses from G Suite and GoDaddy to Office 365 during this period. The slowdown has given us larger downtime windows and we’re able to perform smooth migrations during the weekday. Also, the benefits of Office 365 for WFH employees is massive. You can collaborate on a spreadsheet live with staff, video or group chat with Teams, and much more.

4. Help with WFH Efficiencies 

For the business with WFH employees, we can help on several fronts. For security, we can implement endpoint protection, full disk encryption, multi-factor authentication, and more. For workflow, we can help with dual/triple monitor setups, new workstations, firewalls, wireless access points, and more.

5. New Solutions for Pandemic & Post-Pandemic Workflow

New situations may require new solutions your business isn’t using yet. Also, the future may look different for your business in a post-pandemic world. Consider investing the time now during the slowdown and review solutions that will help you in the long term. For example, face to face meetings and large gatherings of people may not go back to normal for years. Your business may discover WFH employees make a lot of sense. Zoom, VOIP phones, telemedicine, cloud servers, eSign, cloud file storage and collaboration, and more could add a ton of value to your business now and later. 

Please reach out to us here if you’d like to discuss any of the above solutions for your business and stay safe.