How to Support Small Businesses During Coronavirus

Small businesses across America are feeling the effects of COVID-19 government shut-downs. Some more than others, but everyone is feeling it in some way.

Wondering how you can help? Here’s a list of easy ideas to support your favorite small businesses: 

  1. Leave a review on Google or Yelp

Did you know that leaving reviews can help businesses rank on Google, improve online visibility and build credibility? If you’re wondering if your reviews really matter, they do! Pick 10 of your favorite local small businesses and take the time to leave them a Google and/or Yelp review.

  1. Purchase Gift Cards

From your favorite local restaurant, to the local spa to your favorite clothing boutique: purchase gift cards in the amount you would usually spend with the business in a month. While many of these businesses are completely shut down, gift cards help cash flow so they can survive economically until they’re able to open again.

  1. Shop! (If You Can)

If your job and income are unaffected, don’t forget to shop! You can shop online or purchase gift cards- both help businesses tremendously. Bonus: consider businesses that are donating a percentage of sales to nonprofits helping with coronavirus relief. Your dollars can help do double the good.

  1. Buy Small and Local Whenever Possible

With Amazon and Walmart wait times for non-essential products up to 3-4 weeks, it’s a better time than ever to spend your dollars on local small businesses. Consider where you may be able to buy your everyday products locally that you usually purchase from big retailers. Plus, you’ll actually get the items faster!

  1. Continue Memberships

If you have the financial means, continue monthly memberships like gyms, yoga, subscription deliveries and more…even if you can’t enjoy their services at the moment. The steady cash flow will keep your favorite businesses alive.

  1. Have a Takeout Night!

As if anyone really needs an excuse to order takeout! Enjoy a few nights of takeout a week and alternate supporting your favorite local restaurants. Your regular takeout orders could be the difference between them surviving after coronavirus, or not.

  1. Give Them a Shoutout on Social

In the world of social media, you hold the power to help small business visibility. Share about a business you love on Instagram, “recommend” a business on Facebook…share, share, share. Visibility (especially in times like these) helps small businesses tremendously.

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