HIPAA | Technology Survival Guide 

Maybe you’re HIPAA compliant but still looking for ways to continue to improve your healthcare organization from a technology perspective. Enter the “Technology Survival Guide”.  Three easy ways to start improving the way your organization approaches HIPAA compliance and patient information management.

We’ve broken it down into a few key areas to get started:


1. Forms Compliance

If you are subject to HIPAA compliance, have you thought about how your form management is playing a role?

Forms are a hot topic in healthcare: it’s how you collect patient information and ensure patient consent. So, why not pay more attention in this area? When was the last time you thought about how you distribute, collect and manage forms? 

While you may think you’re good leaving dealings with forms to your office manager, think again. Forms drive efficiency, play a role in patient satisfaction and open you up to HIPAA violation if not properly managed. 

Through our partnership with Compliancy Group, PK Tech can help you company find forms solutions that fit HIPAA compliance and improve the efficiency of your organization.

2. Evaluating and Choosing Healthcare Cloud Services Providers

Times are changing. As healthcare moves from on-site to cloud services, the evaluation and selection of “HIPAA compliant” services becomes an important task for healthcare clinics and providers. If your organization is not using cloud services because of fear of violating HIPAA compliance, fear no more. There are several HIPAA compliant solutions, the trick is receiving accurate advice on which service provider is the right fit for your organization.

Through our partnership with Compliancy Group, PK Tech can connect you with resources for selecting an appropriate cloud service provider and then assist in transferring your organization to the new provider.

3. Choosing a Patient Portal

Times are changing (in more ways than one). Where patient portals began as a way to streamline operations, they are now moving towards a patient engagement tool as well. While the evolution is exciting for the healthcare industry, one may ask: where do I begin? Is it safe? Do I risk a HIPAA violation?

We’re so glad you asked. Patient portal usage goes well beyond HIPAA compliance: it’s an opportunity to streamline engagement with patients online, schedule follow-ups electronically and engage the millennial client population specifically. 

Again, the fear of violating HIPAA compliance holds many organizations back from implementing time saving and patient value-add systems into their operations. 

Through our partnership with Compliancy Group, PK Tech can direct your decision on patient portal usage, and help your team integrate its daily use at your clinic. Not only are HIPAA-compliant solutions readily available, these solutions double as an opportunity to increase clinic engagement, bookings and overall client care. 


Our answer to improving HIPAA-compliant technology use is to start with small changes. Our hope is that through PK Tech’s partnership with Compliancy Group, we can provide the necessary resources for your organization to initiate new technology solutions today. Please reach out to us if your business needs support around HIPAA compliance technology solutions.


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