Why Do Some Gen Zers Struggle with “Old-School” Office Equipment?

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While it takes five minutes to learn TikTok or Instagram, other technology devices are proving more challenging to master for today’s newest working generation. Many young workers, often classified in the Gen Z generation, are struggling to learn how to use devices like printers, scanners, and desktop PCs. 

Why are we seeing this phenomenon for a generation that grew up on iPhones and iPads? What does this mean for employers?

Let’s take a deep dive into the intricacies of new generations entering the workforce and what this means for a rapidly evolving technology environment worldwide.

Challenges of Gen Z in the Workforce

Among all the jokes and memes about the latest generation to enter the workforce, most of them style-related, many have not considered the challenges this generation faces when adapting to workplace technologies.  A recent report by Dell surveyed adults aged 18-26, also known as Generation Z. 

The report found that more than a third of Gen Z felt that their school education did not adequately prepare them with the technology skills needed for the career they entered. In addition, the survey showed that 56% received only very basic or even zero digital skills training in their educational upbringing.  

In many ways, the results are surprising. We assume the generation brought up on TikTok would be more technologically adept than the generations that preceded them. But as it turns out, there is also a learning curve for this generation. 

How to Help Gen Z Succeed in the Workplace

Whether the TikTok-loving generation turns you off or you recognize the need for their rising contribution to the workforce, the truth is: employers will need to rely on this generation to supply the workforce for the next several decades. 

So, how can you help them succeed? 

While every generation has experienced a learning curve, you – as employers – need to learn how to support your different employees at their weakest points to strengthen your overall organization. 

5 Tips to Help Gen Z Succeed in the Workplace

  1. Be flexible as they learn new systems.
  2. Invest in regular employee training.
  3. Look for opportunities to teach and help them with professional growth.
  4. Provide effective mentors and leadership for new employees. 
  5. Create a culture of open communication where questions are welcomed.

The Positive of Gen Z in the Workforce

In addition to the new talent pool they bring to the workforce, perhaps Gen Z’s greatest strength is that they are very comfortable navigating software they’ve never used before. Why? They’ve been doing this their whole lives. 

This generation is very used to trial and error – which is helpful if you use this to your organization’s advantage. While they may not join your company already knowing how to use Excel, you will likely find they will pick it up fast.

Onboarding IT Support in Phoenix

Ultimately, whether it’s Gen Z or another generation, the success of new employees starts with proper onboarding and new employee support as they learn new technologies and the complex operations of your specific organization.

When it comes to onboarding, include cybersecurity in your plan. Proper device management, device onboarding, employee passwords, multi factor authentication, and more will ensure that new employees are a true asset to your organization – not a liability.

For IT support with new employees, PK Tech can help. We work with countless organizations in the Greater Phoenix area, ranging in size, scope, and industry. Get in touch with a member of our team today.