The 8 Best Features of Microsoft Teams Phone

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When it comes to the vast array of Microsoft products, Microsoft Teams Phone is a lesser-known but highly useful Voice over IP (VoIP) software product. Many businesses struggle to find the best VoIP business phone solutions for their specific needs. While you may use Microsoft for a range of other helpful business software, it’s possible you haven’t considered Microsoft Team Phones as your VoIP phone solution. In this blog, we’re covering the best features of Microsoft Teams Phone and how Teams Phone can enhance your business operations.

The Benefit of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as a whole – more than just Teams Phone – is chock full of great features, including secure connectivity with other Microsoft apps, keeping your business operating all in one place. Teams also offers good team messaging and video calling features to complement the use of the phone system. While naysayers argue it can be a bit clunky and exclusive in terms of integrations, anything it may lack in those areas is made up for in customization and security.

Microsoft Teams Phones vs. Other VoIP Solutions

If you are considering Microsoft Teams Phones, you are likely comparing it to the features of your current VoIP phone solution. What is working, and what isn’t? Cox, RingCentral, and several other companies offer VoIP solutions. So, why is Microsoft Teams Phone superior?

The new Microsoft Teams Phone features are giving business calling a modern makeover. Around 80 million people are currently using Microsoft Teams Phone for VOIP communication. With those numbers, the question becomes: why aren’t you? 

8 Best Features of Microsoft Teams Phone

  1. Engage with one less vendor
    If you’re like the majority of small businesses, you’re using Microsoft 365. Work with an expert and migrate to your last phone system powered by one of the largest companies in the world. You’ll reduce the amount of logins your staff have to remember and the app is something you likely use daily — Microsoft Teams. The remaining features show that Microsoft Teams Phone is a mature solution trusted by over 80 million people (largest VOIP company in the world).
  2. Cloud auto attendants & call queues
    You can create a menu system that enables external and internal callers to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments in your organization. Queues allow you to set up greetings and music on hold, search for the next available call agent to handle the call, and more.
  3. Seamless device switching
    Play a call or meeting on another device that is connected to Teams; for example, switching from PC speakers to a headset.
  4. Call park and retrieve
    Place a call on hold in the Teams service in the cloud. When a call is parked, the service generates a unique code for call retrieval. The user who parked the call or someone else can then use that code and a supported app or device to retrieve th
  5. Transfer a call and consultative transfer
    Transfer calls to another person. Or, if the user leaves the office but wants to continue the conversation, transfer the calls from a PC or IP phone to a cell phone.
  6. Shared Line Appearance
    Share your phone line so that another staff member can make and receive calls on your behalf.
  7. Hot desking
    Get your contacts, meetings, and other preferences, just by signing into any office  phone. When you’re done, sign out and leave the phone ready for the next person.
  8. Video
    Phones with video support let staff join calls and video conferences just like they were at their computers. Staff can keep their privacy by using a phone’s camera shutter and microphone mute switch when available.

VoIP Phone Solutions for Your Business

The phone solution you select for your business often informs how you operate sales and affects the success of your sales and business development teams. At PK Tech, we have extensive experience helping small to medium-sized businesses choose the best VoIP phone system for their specific business needs.

If your business currently operates in a Microsoft-centric environment, utilizing Microsoft Teams Phones can be a smart move for your business. To explore the VoIP phone system services we provide or to talk with a member of our PK Tech team, click here