What Does a Future of Hybrid Work Mean for Cybersecurity?

A new report titled The State of Hybrid Workforce Security 2021 looks into what a future of hybrid work will mean for cybersecurity. Organizations are now faced with a key question: how do you maintain an optimal hybrid workforce for the long term? 

Prior to COVID-19, organizations mostly dealt with just the challenge of managing an in-office workforce. That challenge has now grown to encompass the future of a hybrid workforce, i.e. a mix of in-office and remote work employees. This new Hybrid Workforce Model that has emerged in the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic poses a new set of IT security challenges for organizations.While first considered to be a temporary solution, the hybrid workforce model is here to stay. And with that, organizations must figure out how to adapt, or their security is at added risk.

Here’s why this report and the hybrid workforce model are relevant to your organization: 

  • 54% of Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are anticipating they will spend over $5 million on remote security.
  • 94% of SMBs are considering moving towards a hybrid workforce model within the following year.
  • 71% of SMBs plan to move security partially or fully to the cloud in the next two years.

Now, let’s take a look at the risks and challenges of a hybrid workforce. Here are some key statistics from the survey to paint the picture of what organizations are now working with: 

  • 61% of respondents struggled to provide necessary remote security to support work-from-home capabilities. 
  • Between ¼ and ⅓ of respondents found it challenging to provide a positive, well-rounded user experience for their hybrid workforce.
  • 51% of respondents listed security as a top challenge.
  • Organizations that made only minimal changes to their security infrastructure with a hybrid workforce saw a 23% increase in security issues.

What’s next for organizations moving towards a hybrid workforce model?

  1. Expect Cyber security requirements to increase more than they would for an in-house workforce.
  2. Invest in a qualified IT security team to keep up with changing and increasing security challenges and solutions, whether in-house or via an external provider .
  3. Continue to make updates/changes to better support your hybrid workforce’s work experiences.

In short, it’s time to adapt.

If your organization has moved towards a permanent hybrid workforce or is considering doing so, we would love to support you. Throughout Covid-19, PK Tech has helped its clients as they have been forced to evolve, adapt and overcome. Let’s chat if your organization needs support.