Over 90% of Malware Is Polymorphic — Is Your Business Protected?

Cybersecurity statistics can be terrifying, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your head the other way. We can learn a lot from cybersecurity statistics and further, they can inform the way we think about preventative cybersecurity for the future.

A 2020 Webroot Threat Report looked into malware and how sophisticated it has become in recent years. 

First–let’s define what polymorphic malware is. Polymorphic malware is a type of malware that constantly changes its identifiable features in order to evade detection. Example: a polymorphic virus will continue to spread and infect devices as its signature changes to avoid detection. Types of common malware that are polymorphic include: worms, viruses, trojans, bots and keyloggers.

How does polymorphic malware work?

A polymorphic virus, for instance, decrypts its code, runs that code, and then when propagating itself, encrypts the decrypted code with a different key. By changing the characteristics to generate a new signature, signature-based detection solutions will not recognize the file as malicious. Other types of polymorphic malware use similar techniques to avoid detection,  Because of this, polymorphic malware is particularly hard to battle from a cybersecurity perspective.

How prevalent is malware in general?

Malware is here to stay. The Malware Statistics & Trends Report by AV-TEST found that in January 2021, 15,224,388 types of new malware and potentially unwanted applications were found. That’s a lot of malware for one month! Now multiply that by a year, and you begin to understand why malware is a problem worth identifying, understanding and preventing.

How can I combat polymorphic malware in my own business?

Great question! We’re so glad you asked. Given that polymorphic malware essentially means “mutating”, or changing, malware, it’s vital that you have a strong IT security team using the right combination of tools for the job on behalf of your business. 

At PK Tech, we have a team of experts constantly working to identify and combat threats within the networks of businesses we support. Further, we are always researching new cybersecurity products and evolving our security stack of solutions to protect our clients. 

Questions about combating polymorphic malware within your business? PK Tech can support your business–whether it be malware, or general IT security–we’re here to help. Contact us here