Hacker Tracker | May

Where are we in the world of cybersecurity? It’s easy to miss the cybersecurity threats and attacks happening right in our “backyard”. Our goal at PK Tech is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware–without being afraid–of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats for your business. PK Tech aims to be a leading educator and support tool in the world of cybersecurity.

Check out our monthly “Hacker Tracker” for the latest in cybersecurity hacks, breaches and updates…

Italy’s social security website hit by hacker attack | 4.1.20

  • Just as people were starting to apply for coronavirus benefits, computer hackers attacked Italy’s social security website, forcing it to shut down.
  • Amid massive deaths due to coronavirus, Italian citizens affected could apply to INPS for a 600 euro payout if they are self-employed or seasonal workers.
  • However, users trying to log onto the INPS site reported major disruptions–some people were even seeing personal data of other people displayed on their screens.
  • The cyberattack raised questions about the security of Italy’s digital infrastructure as it struggles with the coronavirus emergency. So far no one has been caught responsible for the attack.
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Hartford Healthcare Data Breach May Have Compromised Patient Information | 4.13.20

  • The Hartford HealthCare system was recently the victim of a phishing attack that may have compromised patient information.
  • At least one of the hacked email accounts included personal patient information, including names, dates of birth, medical records, and other health and insurance information. In 23 cases, the information included a social security number.
  • Notifying all of their patients by mail, Hartford Healthcare will also offer two years of free credit monitoring for the 23 patients whose social security numbers were affected by the breach.
  • Fortunately, the breach did not affect Hartford HealthCare’s electronic medical records.
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500,000 Hacked Zoom Accounts Given Away for Free on The Dark Web | 4.13.20

  • Cyber risk assessment experts at Cyble discovered a hacker selling stolen Zoom credentials at super cheap prices — and in some cases giving them away for free.
  • Cyble was able to purchase more than 530,000 on an underground hacking forum for almost no cost. Among the stolen credentials were several of the company’s clients, which also included personal meeting URLs and Zoom host keys. 
  • This incident teaches us that password re-use remains a huge security issue for the general public. The problem with using old already-used passwords, is that by now all of those old passwords have been filed away in databases by criminal hackers (hence what happened with Zoom).
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Lessons Learned From This Month’s Hacks

This month we’re reminded it’s WHEN not IF your information will be hacked and sold on the internet. Well, your information was probably hacked and sold to the highest bidder back during the 2017 Equifax Data Breach

When we deal with so many businesses with lax IT security postures, your information will be “re-breached”, and your “victim profile” with criminals is fleshed out with more details. “Oh, we knew Jane’s SSN already, but thanks to this breach, we know her prior year tax refund amount. Let’s file her tax return!” – Hackers (probably)

What can you do about it? 

You “the person”, get legit Dark Web + credit monitoring. We recommend CompleteID via Costco. At least you can act quickly, reset passwords, and dispute credit issues with relative ease (vs. not even monitoring it).

You “the business”, with tasty information hackers want, take IT security seriously, and stay out of the news. The too-big-to-fail companies with countless breaches seem to get away with anything. You, the “small business”, will be in the news, face fines, and possibly lose your company over it. 

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