Top Reasons to Work With an IT Support Company

Managed IT services are the name of our game. Working as your IT company advocate is our mission. Every business exists to try to be the most competitive business in their field, yet few companies have the in-house technology support to stay at the forefront of today’s technical demands. For an increasing number of companies, outsourced IT (or managed IT services) is a natural solution. 

But we often get asked: is an outside IT company right for my business? 

First, what are outsourced IT services? 

Outsourced IT services (or managed IT services) are when you hire an outside company (i.e. PK Tech) to handle your business’ IT needs. A third-party managed services provide (MSP) can cover everything from the security of networks and the implementation of operating systems, to the installation of software and the backup of files. 

Let’s now answer the question: is an outside IT company right for my business?  

Let’s analyze the key benefits of working with an outside IT company. While we’re all for helping clients through managed IT services, we also recognize that this answer is not right for every business. Here’s why it might be the right addition for your business:  

What are the BENEFITS of working with an outside IT company? 

1. Savings + Maximized Productivity

  • If you’re smaller but have in-house IT, your company could save the money of a full-time, salaried employee by only hiring an MSP for the specific monthly tasks you need. Plus, leave the tech support to your MSP and let your full-time employees focus on the specifics of running your business.

2. Predictable Budgeting

  • You will have the option to function on a retainer with your MSP to control monthly budgeting or predict additional out-of-pocket costs rather than reacting to unforeseen costs. 

3. Well-Rounded Expertise 

  • With an MSP, you’re gaining the IT knowledge of an entire team of IT experts, rather than one individual. Where one individual will undoubtedly have weak points, an MSP team fills in the gaps with the knowledge of multiple IT experts to lean on and refer to when complicated issues arise. 

4. Reliable Technicians

  • Leave the training of technicians up to your MSP. With a team of IT experts, your MSP will be responsible for training up new employees on the intricacy of your business- and that’s on their time and their dollar- rather than yours. 

5. Qualified Service

  • With certifications and constant continuing education, you can rest easy that your MSP is up to date on the latest in IT support. 

6. Immediate Implementation

  • With outsourced IT, you won’t have to pause your business operations to install the latest software or implement new ones. MSPs are well-versed in getting you up and running as quick as possible with the option to bring multiple team members on-site to to complete the implementation as efficiently as possible.

7. Improved Customer Service

  • While you focus on running your business, your MSP is working behind the scenes to make sure your customer experience is as seamless as possible. Companies choosing to work with MSPs frequently experience higher customer services ratings than those companies that do not.

8. Reduce Risk

  • The risk of downtime or cyber attacks is both an operational and financial risk to your business. Having an MSP on board reduces your risk with a qualified team of experts working on your business’ behalf to prevent and reduce risk of downtime or cyber attacks.

Let us end by saying that no solution is perfect. At PK Tech, our goal is to work with and alongside your business to mitigate any downsides like potential downtime or security issues around hiring an outside IT company. Our goal is to be a positive addition to your business- working on behalf of YOU to increase your productivity, effectiveness and profits. Because let’s be honest: who doesn’t want their business to be BETTER? 

The choice to hire outside IT is one that should be analyzed based on your business needs, industry, budget and more. At PK Tech, we manage your IT functions so you can focus on other areas of your business. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and whether your business is the right fit.