How Safe is Your PIN?

In 2019, you need a PIN for a lot more than just the ATM. PIN’s open our cell phones, gain us access to online platforms, open our computers and so much more. Although a four-digit PIN can seem like a little detail in the big scheme of things, it can play a major role in your financial security and the security of your business. 

Do you have a strategy for how you create, store and change your PINs overtime? 


A PIN is a secret numeric password shared between a user and a system that can authenticate the user to the system. When arranged to create a 4-digit pin, the digits 0-9 can create 10,0000 possible combinations.

ANALYZING PINS compiled a list of nearly 3.4 million exposed 4-digit passwords. Every single one of the 10,000 combinations was represented. The author determined the following:

1 * 2 * 3 * 4 is the most popular password. 

You might be thinking, seriously? Well, we are serious. Many people’s PINs are easier to guess than you might think, which is why it’s important to understand how to keep your PIN safe.


  • Don’t use easy to guess PINS.
  • Do not write the PIN on your card or keep it written down in your wallet.
  • Have different PINs for different cards.
  • Shield your PIN as you type it into an ATM or other machine.

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