How to Ensure Technology HIPAA Compliance in Your Business

HIPAA. Most people have heard the acronym, you might even know what it stands for, but do you really know what it means for your business? 

HIPAA does not just matter for your primary physician.. If you accept health insurance as payment OR if you’re a vendor for a client that accepts health insurance funds AND you have access to electronic patient health records, you must comply with HIPAA regulations. 

Did you fall into any of those categories? If so, this blog post is for you. A good portion of HIPAA compliance surrounds the storage and security of patient files and information. That’s where PK Tech comes in!  

Our goal is to simplify the technology component of compliance so that you can focus on your business. Here’s how PK Tech can help you tackle HIPAA compliance: 

  • We partnered with Compliancy Group to oversee the process.
    • Compliancy Group’s priority 3-step program with live coaching makes HIPAA compliance straight-forward.
    • Compliancy Group supplies the Security, Physical and Administrative audits required by the HHS.
    • Compliancy Group includes Policies & Procedures, BAA’s, Patient Consent form, and much more.
    • PK Tech offer subscriptions to Compliancy Group so you can access your own resources.
  • Disaster recovery
    • Disaster recovery and solid backups are critical to have in place for businesses subject to HIPAA (…and really, all businesses for that matter).
    • For businesses subject to HIPAA, it’s important that the offsite storage company has signed a Business Associate Agreement. 
    • PK Tech offers best-in-class HIPAA compliant backup & disaster recovery solutions that we’ve actually had to use!
  • Security solutions
    • Network, server, and workstation protection is a fundamental requirement for HIPAA and all businesses with access to the internet in 2019. 
    • Now, more than ever, your employees are receiving deceptive emails with potential links to malware and viruses in it. PK Tech will help your business with a proactive approach to security solutions.
    • We offer a multi-layer security offering that helps your business minimize risk and comply with HIPAA.
  • Secure Email
    • Many practices still use free email and email patient data out of it.
    • We offer complaint solutions for both data at rest and in transit. Basically, PK Tech helps make sure you’re sending and receiving data in the safest way possible within HIPAA compliance standards.

Why does HIPAA matter and what does it do for your business? 

  • Protection 
    • Privacy for patients
    • Secure practice/office
    • Maintain your reputation of compliance 
    • Mitigate litigations and fines
  • Increase client engagement
    • Differentiate your practice/business
    • Improve quality of care
    • Standardize your operations
  • Increase your profits
    • Improved operational effectiveness
    • Acquire/retain patients attracted by your HIPAA compliance  
    • Mitigate costly fines for HIPAA breaches by being compliant

As you can see, if you’re subject to HIPAA, it’s easier to approach this proactively and work with a trusted partner like PK Tech. Please reach out to us if your business needs support around HIPAA compliance.

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