Top 4 Traits of Irreplaceable IT Consultants

When vetting an in-house “IT Guy” or outsourced IT Company, there are several traits you should seek out in order to find the right IT solution for your business.

Top 4 Traits of Irreplaceable IT Consultants

  • Forward-thinking Mindset–part of what you’re paying your IT consultant for (in a perfect world) is their constantly evolving and growing knowledge of the industry. A good IT consultant’s job is to look at your existing processes in your business and frequently make suggestions for how you can be improving efficiency and overall operation.
  • Troubleshooting Experts–with the constantly changing technology landscape, even the best of the best IT consultants will need to troubleshoot. Whether this be new software, existing platforms with your business or just simply IT problems and challenges that come up along the way. A good IT consultant is patient and persistent in trouble-shooting and always comes to a solution-oriented conclusion.
  • Relationship-Oriented–IT consultants must be an integral member of your team. As an outside IT consultant, we don’t take this responsibility (or relationship) lightly! It’s important that we understand how to maximally operate with and alongside your team in an effective manner.
  • In it for the Long-Termwhen selecting an IT consultant, the long term is key. Turn over of an internal resource or outside IT consultant can be very expensive and detrimental to your business. For an in-house resource, understanding if you can offer a competitive salary and keep them engaged may tip the scales toward outsourcing to an outside IT company. For an outside IT consulting firm, how long they’ve been around, expertise of your industry, and ability to scale with your growth are mission critical to your success.


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