Office Depot Caught Offering Deceptive Tech Support

The various Big Box stores sell computers to both consumers and businesses all over the country. In addition, many of them have tapped into the Tech Support Services market and upsold “PC Check-ups” to their customer base. As it turns out, in one case a Big Box store installed a tool that faked a malware infection, which then triggered further up-sells based on a lie.

Read the press release from the FTC here regarding a situation where a Big Box store got caught.

What are the lessons learned for businesses in Arizona?

  • If you’re a business and are considering a generic Technical Support company such as a Big Box store or other chain operations, the situation referenced above is not unique. When technical support people double as sales people, and you’re dealing with a “race to the bottom” price point, it simply doesn’t work out in your favor and will cost you much more in the long run.
  • Do not buy business computers from retail stores. The majority do not carry “business-class” computers in stock. If you’re buying a computer from a retailer for your business for example, it’s likely comes with Windows Home, has a 1 year mail-in warranty, and it’s built for gentle use a few times a month. You need a business-class computer that can stand up to your business’s needs, including hours per day of continuous use.
  • When you invest in a business computer you probably intend that piece of equipment to be a multi-year asset to your business. A dealer in business-class computers usually offers warranties that fit your expectations.

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