Macs Don’t Get Viruses…Or Do They?

If you think just because you use a Mac you’re free of malware risks, think again. The malware problems with Apple products are only getting worse. As Apple products have become more and more popular, hackers are focusing efforts on the versions of macOS that power them.  Between 2018 to 2019, Malwarebytes found a 400 percent increase in threats on Mac devices and an average of 11 threats per Mac (twice the average of Windows devices).

Here’s how you can do to protect yourself and your device: 

  1. Be careful what you click on and what apps you download (and from where)
  2. Monitor who has access to your computer(s) or device(s)
  3. Do not install Adobe Flash Player – fake Flash installers are one of the most popular ways hackers install malware on Mac devices.
  4. Use different passwords across different devices – practicing good password “hygiene” lowers the risk of one device infecting another. Use different passwords for different accounts and change them on a regular password. Read more on our to properly protect your passwords in our blog here
  5. Keep your Mac and other software up-to-date. Developers are constantly working to stay ahead of hackers with updates to software and devices- take advantage of this by regularly updating your devices.
  6. Download anti-virus software from a trusted source. Always question “free” software- nothing good is ever free.

If you or your business operates primarily on Mac devices, don’t hesitate to reach out to PK Tech for questions installing malware software or navigating potential cybersecurity hacks, or if you would like a quote or evaluation for IT services. Contact PK Tech. We provide support and services to protect your business.

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