Are You Properly Protecting Your Passwords? This List is for You.

Are you currently protecting your passwords for personal or business use? Curious about the best way to be doing so? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best known password managers on the market listed below. Whether you’re looking for personal or business use, this list contains the information you need to begin property protecting your passwords.

Note for businesses: If you’re considering rolling out a centralized password solution, talk to a knowledgeable IT Company first. It’s very easy to pick a solution that won’t scale with your needs one or two years down the road. Also, do not use the free versions of these in your business! The general rule of thumb is: If it’s free, you’re the product.


A free and open-source password management service, Bitwarden can store sensitive information in an encrypted vault. The platform offers a variety of client applications including web interface, desktop applications, browser extensions, mobile apps, etc.

Free features include: cross-platform apps for all major platforms, browser add-ons for all major browsers, web browser access from anywhere, command-line tools and two-factor authentication. 

There are premium paid upgrades as well as a commercial platform for business use. Paying $10per year gets you 1 GB encrypted file storage, additional 2FA options and priority customer support.

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A smart and simple option, Dashlane offers two-factor authentication and the ability to change multiple passwords across multiple sites in just a few clicks. Some of the extra features we like about Dashlane include the ability to securely store pivotal notes, as well as share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have trouble with your account.

Plus, Dashlane Business comes with all the features of Dashlane Premium, minus the single-point virtual private network. Business-specific features include Smart Spaces allowing users to create separate vaults for personal and work accounts, Admin Console for the account manager to monitor health and activity of users associated with the account, and allowance of multiple user roles below admins within each Dashlane Business account.

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1Password features the following: strong password generator, username and password storage, secure sharing and an intuitive user interface. 

1Password also offers a digital wall to securely store logins, credit card information, network passwords, etc. The only drawback to 1Password is that they do not offer a free version: the service costs $2.99 a month billed annually. 

In addition, the business solution for 1Password was built to integrate into any platform you have running. For example, you can connect with Slack for your team. 

Similar to Dashlane, admins can monitor account health from an admin console, with also the option to add different user levels for different levels of access (like Dashlane). 

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LastPass is a password manager that offers free and premium (paid) features. Once you create a master password, LastPass allows you to import all saved login credentials- usernames and passwords- from Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Safari. From there, LastPass helps you delete information from your computer to keep it secure, prompting you to only have to remember your secure master password for access. LastPass also offers two-factor authentication for extra security. 

LastPass can support up to 50 users, so if you have a bigger team, this solution will not work for you. However, from a small business needs standpoint, LastPass offers features and a low cost that might make a lot of sense for most small businesses. While LastPass has the popular admin console feature, if you have more than 50 users, you’ll need to pay to upgrade to LastPass Enterprise to support your team.

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RoboForm is often known for it’s fast auto-fill features and quality security. We also like it’s business solution, though RoboForm handles pricing a bit differently than the above mentioned solutions. You pay per user, but they offer discounts for higher user counts and multiple year buys. 

Similar to 1Password and Dashlane, you can have multiple users, admins and access to the admin console.

The personal interface of RoboForm is less impressive than the business one, so if you’re looking for a solution to perform both duties, you might head to the top of this list. However, the business solution is top notch. 

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Keeper (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux)

Keeper offers password management across several platforms and browsers. Features include two-factor authentication support, quality sharing capabilities, full password histories, password generator, digital vault, and personal and payment data.  Security is one of Keeper’s greatest strengths, with the goal of Keeper to protect businesses from cyber threats. Keeper offers a free trial option before committing to an annual paid plan.

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