Cybersecurity - CyberSOC

PK Tech Provides the Highest Level of Cybersecurity for Your Business

A Security Operations Center is the Most Essential Element of Modern Security for Your Business.

To effectively combat cyber threats, the PK Tech CyberSOC service relies on a one-two punch of human expertise and machine intelligence.

It’s not a product but a discipline, where our dedicated team tackles security matters using the full spectrum of defense mechanisms for prevention, detection, and response.

Have questions or want to find out more about how PK Tech Cybersecurity will improve your workflow and security infrastructure?

We're here to help. Contact us or Download our Ebook About Soc-As-A-Service for more valuable information to apply to your business.


  • Your primary point of contact, the PK Tech Security Team is your trusted security advisor and internal IT team.


  • PK Tech provides a proactive approach to detection of targeted attacks that may be bypassing your current security measures.
  • Assistance deploying, managing and using tools to detect cyber threats to your business.


  • PK Tech prioritizes and analyzes all cyber threats, offering specific action steps to counteract such threats.


  • Analysis of current security infrastructure and recommendations for fixing existing compliance issues.

Quality-first service

In a few words, they provide quality over quantity. We appreciate PK Tech’s smaller and more knowledgeable employee base that allows them to understand who we are and what we do. Our PK Tech representative not only assists our current needs, but anticipates future ones.

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