5 Questions to Ask Before Transitioning to a Software Vendor’s Cloud Platform

While software vendors typically provide a dose of value-add service to your business, it’s important to spend the time up front to understand their cloud offerings and weigh the Pros and Cons before you sign a long term agreement.

It’s highly likely you’re already on a well vetted cloud platform already -- such as Office 365 or G Suite for email.

Picking the Right Approach to IT Maintenance Windows

Planning to perform IT maintenance within your business? This blog breaks down some common terms and how you can best prepare your business for minimal interruption, most efficient results, and for the right budget.
First off, a maintenance window is a period of time designated in advance where IT personnel are able to take down IT resources for the purpose of maintaining a healthy and predictable IT environment.

Why a technology business review is vital

Identifying opportunities in all areas of business is vital for growth, but one area that’s often overlooked is technology. Although it’s easy to adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude with IT, conducting regular technology business reviews is a must.