Three Stages of IT Maturity in Small Businesses

Over the years we’ve observed a lot of different takes on small businesses using IT. With over 30 million businesses of 500 employees or less, there’s a lot of variety.

With that being said, there are clearly different stages of what we’ve coined “IT Maturity Stages”. As small businesses increase in employee headcount and revenue, you’d hope their IT Maturity Stage would also increase to accommodate increased complexity, risks, and demand.

How to Maximize On-Site IT Services


Looking to get the best on-site service out of an IT company? Frustrated with past experiences and looking for a better experience moving forward?  This two part blog series is for you. 

Let’s start with our first blog in this series: How to Get the Best Service Out of an IT Help Desk.

5 Things to Review Regarding Your IT Company

Reviewing your IT company is no different than reviewing your business processes to determine inefficiencies and room for improvement. Reviewing your IT company ensures you are receiving the IT support your business needs to be successful. Use these 5 questions as a starting point for reviewing your current IT company: 
1. Is your IT company’s headquarters local to your company headquarters?
On-site support is a huge benefit when working with an outsourced provider.