84% of Businesses Are Expected to Increase Remote Work After COVID-19 Despite Cybersecurity Risks

Despite established cybersecurity risk from work from home status, the majority (84%) of US organizations plan to broaden their work from home allowance following the coronavirus pandemic. 70% of IT pros state they are concerned with work from home (WFH) security risks, according to Pulse Secure, proven by the spiked security concerns present during the forced WFH of most businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Importance of Home Network Security During COVID-19

Home network security has always been important in our opinion, but now it’s at the forefront (or should be!) of most people’s minds. Why? A large majority of the U.S. workforce is now working from home. This poses a unique problem for many businesses: concern over the home network security of their employees, especially those dealing with sensitive data.

Hacker Tracker | May

Where are we in the world of cybersecurity? It’s easy to miss the cybersecurity threats and attacks happening right in our “backyard”. Our goal at PK Tech is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware--without being afraid--of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats for your business.

7 Policies for Managing Work-From-Home Employees

With a call for social distancing to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the United States and globally, it’s likely your business is navigating work-from-home status with all or most of your employees.

While this brings a slew of new challenges, chief among them is managing productivity and policies for your employees now experiencing the freedom of work-from-home.

How to Support Small Businesses During Coronavirus

Small businesses across America are feeling the effects of COVID-19 government shut-downs. Some more than others, but everyone is feeling it in some way.

Wondering how you can help? Here’s a list of easy ideas to support your favorite small businesses: 

Leave a review on Google or Yelp

Did you know that leaving reviews can help businesses rank on Google, improve online visibility and build credibility? If you’re wondering if your reviews really matter, they do! Pick 10 of your favorite local small businesses and take the time to leave them a Google and/or Yelp review.