CPAs & Financial Services

Highly customized technology solutions to help your business succeed and set new standards of excellence in your industry.

PK Tech is experienced in providing IT to businesses in the financial sector. We specialize in helping banking, accounting, and financial services firms to better their maintenance, support and network infrastructure, and cap their monthly cost for all their IT service needs.

We understand the importance of having a secure, consistent and professional system in place, and thus deliver the highest security requirements a financial institution can demand.

Our deep expertise in banking regulatory requirements are also applied to your technology systems ensuring all industry regulations are met.

PK Tech will take the worry out of potential downtimes so both you and your clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing your operations continue to be up and running and all your critical data is protected.

“Jordan’s knowledge is in-depth and he was straightforward with what we needed to do to rectify our problems. Our former IT support partner couldn’t do any of what we needed and in one onsite consultation with Jordan, we had clarification on what we needed to do to move forward. Jordan (PK Tech) also understood our regulatory compliance requirements and addressed them in a secure, reliable, and cost-saving manner. That’s what convinced us PK Tech was the partner we needed to assist us.”