Ongoing IT Support

Tailor-made technology solutions to streamline your business and ensure your organization is always running at its full potential.

How important is IT to your business?

Take a moment to really think about everything you depend on IT for -- all the operations that rely on computers and networks to run every day; all the communications with clients, staff, partners, and vendors; and all the little things that make your business run.

Adding them all together, you know you just can’t do without IT in the modern world. Since technology is clearly important for business, whom do you trust to take care of it for you? Do you have any internal IT staff managing it daily? Most companies can’t afford a dedicated IT department, but they need IT support just as much (if not more) than the big-name corporations.

So how do you get the same white-glove IT treatment as a major corporation without the cost and hassle of hiring a full internal department? Simple: PK Tech.

By turning to us as your IT services provider, you get continuous IT support and all the advantages of a complete IT department. We serve as a complete extension of your business, applying our expertise and experience on your behalf to just make IT simple.

PK Tech provides two separate Managed IT Services plans, depending on your unique needs. Please visit our IT Zen - Managed IT Services page for more details.

“PK Tech provides Ongoing IT Support that works for your organization’s unique needs -- keeping you stress-free with technology that boosts your business’s growth and success.”

Why is PK Tech’s Ongoing IT Support good for your business?

  • Predictable monthly billing - for a flat-rate monthly fee, you can create a simple and easy yearly budget plan and rest easy knowing you have coverage for any and all IT issues you experience in that year
  • Incentivized excellence - the fewer problems you have, the more money we make because our flat-rate monthly fee incentivizes us to be proactive and deliver hassle-free IT, thereby reducing the incidence of responsive support
  • Professional technicians without the hassle of HR - enjoy the benefits of having an entire team of professionals that you don’t have to handle HR issues with like IT training, absences, and unexpected resignations
  • Shared solutions make for faster support - because we serve numerous clients in multiple industries, we gain a lot of experience, expertise, and tech resources -- solutions which you have access to for quick and efficient resolution of IT issues