Microsoft Teams Phone

Here’s the good news: if you implement Microsoft Teams Phone, you can still have you physical phones, but also work on all devices with the help of Teams Phone.

We have a prediction, however, that Microsoft Teams Phone will be the last phone system you ever use. It’s that good!

The Benefit of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as a whole – more than just Teams Phone – is chock full of great features, including secure connectivity with other Microsoft apps, keeping your business operating all in one place. Teams also offers good team messaging and video calling features to complement the use of the phone system. While naysayers argue it can be a bit clunky and exclusive in terms of integrations, anything it may lack in those areas is made up for in customization and security.

Microsoft Teams Phones vs. Other VoIP Solutions

If you are considering Microsoft Teams Phones, you are likely comparing it to the features of your current VoIP phone solution. What is working, and what isn’t? Cox, RingCentral, and several other companies offer VoIP solutions. So, why is Microsoft Teams Phone superior?

The new Microsoft Teams Phone features are giving business calling a modern makeover. Around 80 million people are currently using Microsoft Teams Phone for VOIP communication. With those numbers, the question becomes: why aren’t you? 

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