Security & Compliance

Tailor-made technology solutions to streamline your business and ensure your organization is always running at its full potential.

It is easy to dismiss IT security as something that only major corporations and banks need to worry about… but that is the easiest way to turn yourself into an easy target for cybercrime.

The truth is, small- and medium-sized businesses are MORE likely to become the targets of cybercrime. In 2014, small businesses made up over 35% of all reported cybercrime victims. Experts suggest that there are many more undocumented cases -- either because business owners swept the data breaches under the rug, or even worse, because they didn’t know they’d been compromised!

So why is cybercrime such a problem? Think of all the sensitive data you handle every day -- usernames, passwords, financial data, confidential correspondence, etc. All it takes is ONE data breach for your entire livelihood to be compromised.

This is why it is imperative to take IT security seriously by working with professionals. PK Tech offers strong expertise in Phoenix IT security. We will gladly meet with you, analyze your business and existing technology, and create a security plan to lock down your data, keep you compliant, and prepare you against the rising tide of cybercrime.

“Cybercrime is such a problem that the U.S. Intelligence Service has declared it to be the No.1 threat to Americans today -- knocking terrorism down to No. 2.”

PK Tech’s Security & Compliance provides solutions for:

  • IT Zen - Managed IT Services
  • HIPAA Risk Assessments
  • Email Security
  • Server & Workstation Security
  • Managed Full Disk Encryption