Managed Full Disk Encryption

Automatically encrypt all information on the hard drive-including user data, the operating system, temporary files, and erased files,-for maximum data protection with PK Tech’s Managed Full-Disk Encryption services. With PK Tech's Managed Full-Disk Encryption services, your logical partitions are boot-protected and encrypted sector-by-sector. This prevents attempts to copy individual files or to introduce rogue programs even when the hard drive is removed and slaved to a different computer.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate data access elimination through patented “quarantine” – reset passwords, persistent shutdown, and elimination of local encryption key (PC only)
  • Instant remote restoration of data access with administrator approval
  • Complete data wipe capability when devices are compromised
  • Broad range of both administrator-enabled and automatic security responses to threat conditions
  • Remote password and security policy enforcement
  • Customizable reporting of status and device risks/conditions
  • Enforced encryption of all sensitive data on both PC and Mac

It’s vital for businesses to control sensitive data to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce liability. Allow PK Tech to help you achieve that goal.