Comprehensive Technology Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure specially designed to locate and eliminate roadblocks and inefficiencies
Addressing inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and workflow obstacles in your IT network is a great way to improve productivity and profitability. But if you can’t identify these problems or don’t even know where to start looking, they go unfixed and their negative impacts compound over time. You need trained and experienced technicians to do a thorough investigation of your technology to root out existing and potential problems. If like most businesses you lack the personnel, time, or resources to accomplish this, PK Tech’s team of IT Pros stands ready to help.
We offer a Comprehensive Technology Assessment that analyzes your network, software, hardware, integrations, and every other aspect of your business IT. We’ll also interview key staff to understand how your workforce interacts and leverages technology. This isn’t a “Free 1-hour Technoloy Assessment” marketing tool. This assessment is a premium analysis of your business technology systems, the results of which we will compile and present to you in actionable information. With these recommendations from our IT Pros in hand, you can achieve massive boosts to productivity and efficiency as well as a more stable IT budget.

Refine your business operations with data from an exhaustive look into your IT infrastructure

With the information gained from a Comprehensive Technology Assessment from PK Tech, you can: