Ransomware Continues as Greatest Cybersecurity Risk for SMBs in 2021

We probably sound like broken records at this point, but for the record, we’re not the only ones saying this! Ransomware is here, it’s more prevalent than ever, and most, unfortunately, it’s here to stay in 2021. Cloud cybersecurity provider Datto recently released the findings of their fifth annual Global State of the Channel Ransomware […]

Why Does Windows 10 Pro Come with an “Xbox App” and How Do You Remove It?

Amazingly, Windows 10 Professional out of the box comes with a bunch of useless consumer-grade Apps. Specifically, we’re talking about the “Xbox Game Bar”, “Xbox Live”, and “Xbox Console Companion” Apps. If you’d like to see what we’re talking about, click start and type Xbox to search, it should look like the picture on the […]

Recap: Russia Suspected in Historic U.S. Government Cybersecurity Breach

In mid-December, we saw an unprecedented cybersecurity attack on the U.S. government that bookended a troubling year on many fronts.  According to official reports, the U.S. Treasury Department, the U.S. Commerce Department, and Homeland Security were hacked by what was suspected to be Russia. Following the attack, the U.S. government acknowledged a breach and stated […]

Beware of COVID Vaccine Scams Online, Over Text and By Email

Social distancing, masking, herd immunity…these are words that have become commonplace this year as the world has endured the COVID-19 global pandemic.  In December, we saw several vaccines get approval for use around the world. First Pfizer-BioNTech, followed shortly after by Moderna, and now the latest vaccine to be approved in the UK, Oxford/AstraZeneca. The […]

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Top Tips to Protect Your Firm from Attacks

Cybersecurity risks for law firms have seen a significant uptick in both 2019 and 2020, especially in the face of COVID-19. Let’s break down the best practices law firms should follow to protect themselves in this new threat landscape.  High-profile breaches across all industries have increased in 2020. Law firms regularly deal with sensitive information, […]

Remote Workers and IT Companies Will Be Disproportionately Targeted by Cybercriminals in 2021

Like most illegal schemes, cyberattacks have the potential to generate big money. Cybercriminals are like the tech world’s mafia, and they’ve discovered that ransom from their cyberattacks can regularly make them significant cash. Cybercriminals will commonly take control or actually steal databases and other intellectual property (aka exfiltration) and hold this exfiltrated data hostage to […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach Puts Over One Million Dental Patients at Risk

The dental industry is one of the latest industries under attack from dire cybercriminals, with many crooks taking advantage of weaknesses exposed through the pandemic to strike at opportune times. According to the Dental Care Alliance (DCA), a recent cyberattack in October exposed the data of more than 1 million dental patients. Source linked here.  […]