Mobile Device Management (MDM) for CPA Firms: Best Practices

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With the push by manufacturers of accounting software to online solutions, and the growing shift towards a remote workforce, CPA firms are faced with the challenge of managing mobile devices. When you are in the business of safeguarding the personal and financial information of your clients, the idea of mobile devices floating around outside of […]

Google Cloud Accidentally Deleted Financial Services Company Account

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If you use Google Cloud, your eye probably caught the word ‘delete’ in the same sentence as Google Cloud. With so much information now in the cloud, the thought of an account being entirely deleted is not something many individuals or businesses have anticipated. For UniSuper, the unimaginable became reality, with their customers taking the […]

Is Online Accounting Safe?

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We now access our bank accounts online, check our stocks on our phones, and do much more online. For both personal and business accounting, more and more options are emerging to take bookkeeping and accounting online. Timeless solutions like Intuit Quickbooks are entirely phasing out of Desktop solutions and forcing customers to move to their […]

How Are CPA Firms Using AI?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it, and the realm of accounting is no exception. CPA firms, no matter how big or small, face high-stakes deadlines and a busy season that significantly strains their workforce. AI is emerging as an answer to an overworked industry, increasing efficiency and accuracy for the […]

AI Phone Hacks Are on the Rise

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You now not only have to worry that email attachments are real. Now, there is a very real fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impersonating voices on phone calls.  The trend has been rising, culminating in an official warning from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Criminals are impersonating employees in phone calls in an […]

Email Impersonation Scheme Costs Massachusetts Town Big Money

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It’s easy to miss news of the cybersecurity threats and attacks happening almost everywhere. At PK Tech, our goal is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware – without being afraid – of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats to your business. PK Tech aims to be […]

CPA Requirements for the FTC Safeguards Rule 

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As a CPA firm, you are the guardian of countless pieces of sensitive information. This leads to exceptionally high security compliance requirements – something every CPA firm should be aware of and take seriously. When it comes to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Safeguard Rule, there are certain requirements specific to CPA firms. This guide […]

Safeguarding Financial Integrity: The CPAs Role in Managing Cybersecurity Threats

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For the professionals whose lives revolve around April 15th, there is a world of risk and opportunity. The landscape of financial management–with CPAs at the forefront–has evolved significantly.  With an increasing reliance on technology, businesses are facing both massive opportunities and unprecedented challenges – especially in the realm of cybersecurity. As threats become more sophisticated, […]

What is SEC Regulation S-P and How Is It Changing?

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The SEC is adopting significant cybersecurity amendments to Regulation S-P. Maybe you’re wondering, what does this mean for your business? Or perhaps, what is Regulation S-P? This blog will break down the existing framework of Regulation S-P, upcoming changes, and what this means for different businesses and industries.  What is Regulation S-P? Regulation S-P is […]