Balancing AI and Human Oversight in Security Protocols

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In today’s interconnected digital landscape, security protocols are more critical than ever. With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, organizations increasingly turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster their defenses.  But, as AI plays a more significant role in security, questions arise about the balance between automated systems and human oversight. How can we effectively […]

Ransomware in 2024: Trends, Tactics, and Prevention Strategies

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Ransomware attacks have been a persistent threat in the cybersecurity landscape for years, causing significant disruptions and financial losses for organizations of all sizes. As we delve into 2024, it’s crucial to examine the evolving landscape of ransomware, understand the tactics employed by cybercriminals, and explore effective prevention strategies to mitigate the risk of falling […]

Latest Malware Threat Uses Encrypted PDFs

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A new breed of malware has emerged, leveraging encryption techniques to infiltrate systems and wreak havoc.  PDF malware attacks pose a significant threat to individuals and organizations, exploiting vulnerabilities in PDF software and leveraging social engineering tactics to infiltrate systems and steal sensitive information. By understanding how these attacks work and implementing robust security measures, […]

Absence of 2-Factor Leads to Roku Breach

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It’s easy to miss news of the cybersecurity threats and attacks that are happening almost everywhere. At PK Tech, our goal is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware – without being afraid – of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats for your business. PK Tech aims […]

These Industries Have High Requirements for Working With IT Companies 

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The integration of technology has become ubiquitous across industries, driving efficiency, innovation, and connectivity. As organizations increasingly rely on technology to power their operations, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. This is particularly true for industries that handle sensitive data, where a breach could have severe consequences not only for […]

Smart Devices Are Under Attack: Are Yours Safe?

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From thermostats, to door locks and ovens, smart devices are, quite literally, taking over our homes. From most perspectives, this means increased convenience and connectivity. Leaving for vacation but forgot to turn down the thermostat? No problem! Devices like the Nest allow you to control your home’s temperature from afar.  With greater technology advancement, however, […]

An Overview of FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule

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Financial crimes have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, prompting regulators to implement stricter measures to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illicit activities. In the United States, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) plays a pivotal role in overseeing anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. One such regulation is the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule, […]

How to Streamline Email Signatures In Your Small Business

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Have you ever received an email from someone and been impressed by their title and signature tagline? You likely just experienced a business that has streamlined its signature process. As the number one communication channel for organizations across the globe, the image your employees portray in their email signature line matters Streamlining signatures in your […]

IRS Says to follow the “Security Six” Steps to Protect Taxpayer Data

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In an era dominated by digital transactions and interconnected systems, the protection of taxpayer data has become paramount. Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of this sensitive information not only upholds individual privacy but also safeguards the financial health of the entire country. To ensure full protection of sensitive taxpayer data, tax professionals should thoroughly review […]