The Danger of Employees Shadow-Integrating With Cloud Apps On Your Behalf

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Many employees are now shadow-integrating using unsanctioned cloud applications. Similar to Shadow IT (read more about Shadow IT here), employees shadow-integrating cloud apps is a common practice with serious cybersecurity consequences. Software vendors are even encouraging your employees to side-step your policies. If you’ve recently updated your Zoom application, you may have noticed the most […]

Law Firms Are Burned Out and Need Better IT Support To Adapt

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Across a range of roles and responsibilities, a recent report found that stress plagues many mid-sized law firms. The simple answer is increasing the use of technology. The survey covered responses from lawyers, paralegals, and administrative support professionals at mid-sized law firms. According to the report, almost 75% of individuals reported feeling stressed, burned out, […]

Ransomware Attack Leads to State of Emergency in Oakland

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It’s not just hospitals and companies that are vulnerable to ransomware attacks – entire cities can be attacked too. Earlier this month, the City of Oakland faced a ransomware attack that hampered local government operations, forcing the city to declare a state of emergency (reference). What are the immediate and long-term effects when a city […]

Hacker Tracker | January

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Where are we in the world of cybersecurity? It’s easy to miss the cybersecurity threats and attacks happening right in our “backyard”. Our goal at PK Tech is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware–without being afraid–of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats for your business. PK […]

Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Environment

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As the needs and resources of your organization change, so should your IT strategy. Co-managed IT services provide a flexible strategy that may benefit several organizations in varying industries.  There are several key reasons co-management may be an ideal IT solution for your organization. Perhaps your IT staff is too small or overworked. Maybe your […]

Cyber Attack Affects Real Estate Records Recording

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Imagine being ready to close escrow on the house of your dreams–but wait. The county recorder can’t record the sale. Why? A cyber attack has taken place.  This exact scenario happened in Cedar Rapids, Iowa just last month (reference). The county has been unable to update real estate records since before Christmas, including liens on […]

What is Co-Managed IT Services?

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The world of technology and cybersecurity is ever evolving. And, no–we’re not just talking about ransomware tactics and devices. Technology is changing how organizations manage their needs for IT support and services. Many companies with internal IT use Co-Managed IT services. You may have heard the term, or maybe you have a colleague that utilizes […]

Healthcare Providers Beware: HHS Announces New Ransomware Threat 

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The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently warned healthcare providers of a new ransomware threat targeting the healthcare sector, specifically the dental community (reference). In 2022, increased attacks on dentists resulted from rising ransomware threats. On December 7, 2022, the Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center of HHS  released information about a human-operated […]

HIPAA Compliance – How We Make It Happen for Our Clients

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PK Tech meets and works with a lot of healthcare practices in Arizona.  A consistent pattern that we come across is that HIPAA is either an afterthought or a no-thought.  We often hear some or all of the following: To answer the question as to whom HIPAA applies — do you take health insurance? If […]