Who is PK Tech?

PK Tech is your Information Technology Partner throughout the Valley of
the Sun.

The best part of my day is when I get to interact with one of my clients and get to know them on a personal level. I enjoy talking to the people we work with as much as possible because it helps to build that strong, long-lasting partnership. I do not just talk traditional business either; I take the time to listen to the people I serve because it is important to understand the unique challenges that each one of them faces. This kind of effective communication creates a partnership wherein the client looks to us as part of their team, integral to their happiness and successful business growth.

With that in mind, what makes businesses trust us for all their technology needs?

The truth is, the reality today is that most of our competition focuses on technology solely for the sake of technology – they do not see the bigger picture of their clients’ business operations and they do those clients a disservice. Too often IT firms care only about their needs, their way of doing things from a technical perspective, and not about their clients’ needs. We are not like that at all; our clients do not all get the same generic service or the same service that we offered when PK Tech was founded. We had to adapt and improve every single day -- not only to new technologies, but to changes in business models and the way our clients work as well.

We are confident that we can meet our clients’ unique needs with our comprehensive IT services and solutions. My goal is to assure them that we have their best interests at heart – and if we ever make a mistake, we will always make it right. This all comes down to trust, the foundation of any effective business partnership. We will earn that trust by delivering on our promises to ensure every client gets the peace of mind they deserve.

When you work with PK Tech, you get a business partner, not just another service provider.


Jordan Hetrick