End of an Era: QuickBooks Desktop Halts Sales to New Customers

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In a significant move that has sent ripples through the financial software industry, QuickBooks Desktop has decided to cease sales to new U.S. subscribers (reference). This decision marks a strategic shift for the popular accounting software, which has been a staple for businesses of all sizes for many years. 

QuickBooks Desktop has long been recognized for its robust features, reliability, and user-friendly interface. However, with the evolving landscape of cloud-based solutions and the increasing demand for online accessibility, the decision to discontinue sales for new U.S. subscribers suggests a deliberate effort to steer users towards cloud-based alternatives. 

This move comes as no surprise in an era where businesses are embracing digital transformation seeking more flexible and collaborative solutions. QuickBooks Online, the cloud-based counterpart to QuickBooks Desktop, has gained traction recently due to its accessibility, real-time collaboration features, and seamless integration with other cloud services. 

Let’s look at what existing QuickBooks Desktop users can expect and what this means for businesses looking for a new accounting software in 2024. 

What Does This Mean for Existing QuickBooks Desktop Users? 

The software will continue to be supported for existing QuickBooks Desktop users, with updates and maintenance services provided. However, new businesses or those considering transitioning to QuickBooks may find themselves directed towards QuickBooks Online or other cloud-based accounting solutions. 

Existing QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Desktop Payroll subscribers can continue to renew their subscriptions after July 31, 2024. Existing subscribers will not be impacted by the software changes detailed below. Intuit will continue to provide security updates, product updates, and support for existing subscribers. 

What Does This Mean for the Future of QuickBooks Desktop? 

QuickBooks Desktop plans to stop selling several products to U.S. new subscribers after July 31, 2024. 

The decision to discontinue sales to new U.S. subscribers could be seen as a strategic business move by Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks. Embracing the cloud allows for easier updates, improved scalability, and a more agile response to the ever-changing needs of businesses in today’s competitive landscape. 

What products will Intuit no longer sell, and what is the effective date?

After July 31, 2024, Intuit will no longer sell new subscriptions to the following products: 

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

What regions will be impacted by these changes? 

Changes will only affect the United States. 

Will QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Mac Plus, and Desktop Enhanced Payroll be discontinued too?

At this time, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Mac Plus, and Desktop Enhanced Payroll will not be discontinued. Intuit states that the changes affect new purchases, not a discontinuation of their existing product lines.

Existing subscribers of these products can continue to renew their subscriptions after July 31, 2024. Changes only affect new purchases by accountants and their clients.

Can products be purchased before July 31, 2024, and then continue to be renewed? 

Yes, as long as the purchase is completed before July 31, 2024. Any customers who purchase QuickBooks Desktop Plus or Enhanced Payroll subscriptions can continue to renew.

For accountants, how will this affect how they serve clients?

Accountants can continue serving clients on the latest supported versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

Accountants can continue to purchase new subscriptions of QuickBooks Desktop Core  Accountant Software (ProAdvisor Program Premier Plus, ProAdvisor Program Enterprise, and Standalone QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition) after July 31, 2024.

What’s the effect on QuickBooks Enterprise? 

There is no effect on QuickBooks Enterprise. New Enterprise customers and Accountants can continue to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise subscriptions from Accountant Sales and online after July 31, 2024. 

When will changes be announced to existing customers? 

Intuit will notify existing QuickBooks Desktop customers in February 2024. 

How does migration to QuickBooks Online work? 

Migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is straightforward. QuickBooks allows you to simply move your desktop file to a QuickBooks Online company file. Reach out to PK Tech if you need help.

The Future of QuickBooks is in the Cloud

Businesses, especially startups and small enterprises, are increasingly drawn to the flexibility and accessibility offered by cloud-based accounting solutions. QuickBooks Online provides the same core functionalities as its desktop counterpart, with the added benefits of remote access, automatic data backup, and the ability to collaborate with multiple users in real-time. 

While the end of sales for new U.S. subscribers for QuickBooks Desktop signals a shift in Intuit’s strategy, it also highlights the industry-wide trend toward cloud-based solutions. As businesses adapt to the changing technological landscape, the move towards more agile, collaborative, and accessible accounting tools will likely continue shaping financial software’s future. 

Questions about QuickBooks Online for your business? With an expansive history working with CPA firms in the Greater Phoenix Area, the PK Tech team is experienced in advising accountants on the best and safest solutions. Get in touch with our team here if we can help you strategize for 2024.