What is Co-Managed IT Services?

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The world of technology and cybersecurity is ever evolving. And, no–we’re not just talking about ransomware tactics and devices. Technology is changing how organizations manage their needs for IT support and services.

Many companies with internal IT use Co-Managed IT services. You may have heard the term, or maybe you have a colleague that utilizes it, but you aren’t quite sure what it means. More specifically, you’re probably wondering what it would look like within the landscape of your organization.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what Co-Managed IT services mean and how you can maximize a co-managed framework within your organization. 

What Does Co-Managed IT Mean?

In a Co-Managed IT environment, organizations access cutting-edge technologies, including automation tools, and technical expertise from an external provider that supports their existing internal IT team. This external support is referred to as a managed service provider (MSP). PK Tech functions as an MSP for clients throughout the Greater Phoenix Area as both a stand-alone MSP and in co-managed environments. 

As many organizations continue to move towards a post-pandemic equilibrium, many are settling into hybrid work environments in which their workforce works both remotely and in-office. This landscape introduces more complexity that is better handled with a Co-Managed IT support framework.

Co-Managed IT services allow organizations to easily customize, choosing which IT services to manage in-house and which to outsource to an MSP like PK Tech. With this unique and customized framework in place, organizations optimize efficiency by combining in-house IT professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure of an external managed services provider (MSP).

Growing Demand for Co-Managed IT

The pandemic taught us the need for diversification in our cybersecurity landscapes. A sudden shift to a remote workforce left many organizations vulnerable and more exposed than ever before. Many problems arose from this conundrum. In-house IT guys could no longer handle such a broad cybersecurity framework. These circumstances highlighted a critical need to augment existing IT teams to improve agility and scalability. 

Thanks to this challenging time, Co-Managed IT services have grown in popularity as we see increasing partnerships with managed service providers (MSPs) like PK Tech.

Co-Managed IT With PK Tech

At PK Tech, our motivation is not to drive out your in-house IT guy. We aim to use our team, infrastructure, security, ticketing system, and general expertise to support your existing processes. We provide a security net with a larger team and more expansive knowledge that supports your in-house employee operating as a one-man shop.  We also stay abreast of industry trends – both new problems and new solutions – and are likely more able to bring the benefits of up to the date expertise to our clients.

Our intention is to guide, support, and enhance your cybersecurity strategy in a Co-Managed IT service environment.

To learn more about what Co-Managed IT services would look like within your organization, book a 15-minute call with a member of the PK Tech team.