Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Environment

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As the needs and resources of your organization change, so should your IT strategy. Co-managed IT services provide a flexible strategy that may benefit several organizations in varying industries. 

There are several key reasons co-management may be an ideal IT solution for your organization.

Perhaps your IT staff is too small or overworked. Maybe your organization is taking on a big new project requiring additional IT staff, but you lack the time and resources to hire additional internal employees. As an organizational leader, perhaps you’ve identified a knowledge gap among your existing IT team.

With numerous benefits, this blog will help you analyze whether co-managed IT may be an excellent fit for your organization.

Advantages of Co-Managed IT

  1. Less responsibility to manage: if burnout or being overwhelmed is a concern for your existing IT staff, a co-managed IT environment will ease responsibility on your internal team as you outsource specific tasks to an externally managed IT service provider team, like PK Tech.
  2. Stay up-to-date on cybersecurity trends, new software, compliance regulations, and more: while it’s nearly impossible for one internal IT person to know everything, a managed service provider team will bring a wealth of expertise and up-to-date knowledge on the latest in cybersecurity and more.
  3. Maintain control over operations: get the best of both worlds by retaining control of all administrative access with the benefit of gaining access to all the services and tools provided by PK Tech. Streamline selected areas with third-party managed service provider input and leave the rest to your in-house team.
  4. Access 24/7 support: no need to worry about weekends or when your internal IT team takes a vacation—with outside managed IT service provider support, you unlock 24/7 IT support to keep your operations running around the clock.
  5. Increased cybersecurity: more eyes, knowledge, and infrastructure equals enhanced cybersecurity. It’s that simple. By employing the support of an externally managed IT service provider, your organization gains access to the best tools, processes, endpoint protection, and expertise. 

Things to Consider with Co-Managed IT

  1. Choose the right partner–not all managed IT service providers are created equal. Selecting a provider that will integrate into your organization seamlessly and efficiently is critical to success.
  2. Consider compatibility–consider how the managed IT partner you select will integrate into your existing systems. Are they proficient in the current hardware and software your organization uses? 
  3. Ask about upfront fees–regarding compatibility, if you need new hardware or software, factor in these fees. Many managed IT service providers will also charge modest setup fees as they work to integrate into your existing IT systems.  

Choosing the Right IT Co-Management Partner 

Our client base is centered around the Greater Phoenix Area and Prescott and consists largely of companies in the professional service and healthcare industries. We work in a co-managed IT environment with many of our clients that have in-house IT teams who need extra support and expertise.

To learn more about the options with a co-management partner, get in touch with the PK Tech team today.