The Top 4 Most Common IT Issues for Small Businesses

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Every business runs into IT issues. As you consider your budget heading into 2023, it can be helpful to evaluate the IT issues you experience regularly. Are these ‘normal’? Expected or not, some problems are a key sign you need to seek managed IT services and expand the IT support for your business.

Let’s dig in. These are the top 4 most common IT issues we see small businesses struggle with. 

Top 4 Most Common IT Issues for Small Businesses

  1. Using consumer-grade computers and cloud solutions past your “start-up” phase.
    Not addressing this as you grow leads to scaling issues due to the limitations of using solutions not built for business use. If you’re in a regulated industry, it’s even more critical that you use solutions and work with vendors that understand the rules that apply to you. Otherwise, reputation damage, fines, and even business closure are possible outcomes. Related blogs: Buyers are Likely to Avoid Companies that Suffered from a Cyberattack, Home vs. Business-Class Computers
  2. Too quickly adding solutions that don’t integrate.
    One of the beauties of having a small business in today’s world is that so many inexpensive software and tools can help you. The bad news is that as you introduce these new solutions, they don’t always play nice with your existing software and can create unnecessary workflow and productivity issues for your employees. A managed IT services team can help you vet solutions and ask questions that will uncover long-term issues. 
  3. Backup and disaster recovery challenges.
    If you’ve experienced a destructive power outage, accidentally deleted a file, had a server crash, fallen victim to a ransomware attack, or experienced any other data disaster, you likely understand the importance of a backup and disaster recovery plan. With too many other tasks taking priority, many small businesses fail to prepare for when technology inevitably fails them.  
  4. Lack of proper employee onboarding and offboarding.
    Onboarding and offboarding may seem like a thing of ‘big business,’ but they have their place of importance for small businesses, too. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not give these processes the air time they deserve. Our clients gain access to our well thought out forms that bring questions that otherwise may have been a surprise.  For example: if offboarding an employee, what should we do with their mailbox? Check out our blog on this topic here.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above issues as a small business owner, let’s chat. PK Tech supports businesses of different sizes across various industries in the Greater Phoenix Area. Get in touch with our team today.