IT Issues Negatively Affect Workplace Productivity and Morale

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Covid-19 has shifted the way the world runs in many ways. Thankfully, much of our world has gone back to normal, and other parts are functioning well within a new normal. Remote and hybrid work are two areas that have evolved into a new normal. 

Now, we have seen a permanent shift to the foundation of how organizations operate: most are offering options for both completely remote or hybrid work for their employees.

This shift has consequences, chief among them a larger landscape to manage cybersecurity. We have discussed a future of hybrid, new malware that targets remote work and that remote workers would be disproportionately targeted in 2021. We’re seeing the same things in 2022 and expecting a continued trend into 2023.

Beginning in 2020 and continuing, we are seeing a pivotal shift in how organizations approach IT strategies and the employee experience. Why does this matter? 

This statistic is why: 95% of professionals believe IT issues disrupt employees’ digital experience in their organization, hindering productivity and diminishing workplace morale.

Notable challenges to the employees’ digital experience included: 

  • The technology in place is not sufficient
  • Lack of knowledge and budget 
  • Lack of buy-in from leadership around its importance 

Acknowledging and addressing the digital employee experience is now necessary to maintain optimal productivity and morale among employees. 

To summarize: repetitive IT issues and band-aid solutions to enable work-from-home connectivity have resulted and will continue to result in unhappy staff. Because staffing is most businesses’ #1 challenge, address your digital employee experience ASAP.

If you’re experiencing repetitive IT issues and band-aid solutions for remote access, PK Tech can help. We support small to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Phoenix Area. Let’s chat if you’re in need of managed IT support.