Hacker Tracker | February in Review

Where are we in the world of cybersecurity? It’s easy to miss the cybersecurity threats and attacks happening right in our “backyard”. Our goal at PK Tech is to educate and offer proactive steps for cybersecurity safety. It’s important to be aware–without being afraid–of the cybersecurity threats that are real threats for your business. PK Tech aims to be a leading educator and support tool in the world of cybersecurity.

Check out our monthly “Hacker Tracker” for the latest in cybersecurity hacks, breaches and updates…

#1- Shell forced to reroute supplies after cyberattack on two German oil companies | 2.1.22

  • Two subsidiaries of German logistics firm Marquard & Bahls struggled to respond to a cyberattack.
  • For reference, Oiltanking had a throughput of 155 million tons in 2019, according to Handelsblatt.  
  • By Tuesday, Royal Dutch Shell said it was forced to reroute to different supply depots because of the issue.
  • The attackers had been exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange and in the Zoho AdSelf Service Plus1 software since March 2021 as a gateway for the attacks.
  • Rumors that the Oiltanking incident is a ransomware attack reignited concerns about attacks on oil companies.
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#2- Airport services firm Swissport reports ransomware incident | 2.4.22

  • Swiss airport management service Swissport reported a ransomware attack affecting its IT systems and targeting its IT infrastructure. 
  • Headquartered in Opfikon, Switzerland, the company manages airport ground and cargo handling services. 
  • 22 flights were delayed about 20 minutes due to the attack.
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#3- News Corp reports January cyberattack targeting Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Dow Jones | 2.4.22

  • News Corp (which owns The New York Times, the Dow Jones and The New York Post) announced a cyberattack in its filings to the US Securities Exchange Commission 
  • News Corp is one of the most powerful news conglomerates in the world, controlling outlets in dozens of countries including the Sun, Barron’s, The Australian, The Times Market Watch and Realtor.com.
  • The attack affected News Corp’s network and information systems and other technologies, including those related to the company’s content delivery networks and network management, are important to its business activities and contain the company’s proprietary, confidential and sensitive business information, including personal data of its customers and personnel. 
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Lessons Learned:

#1- Some ransomware attacks are about more than just cost and inconvenience but instead literally about the safety of customers. Attacks that have an impact on the supply chain of fuel, heating, and combustibles are especially alarming in the winter months. These types of attacks pose serious safety risks when they exploit essential services and infrastructure. 

#2- From the Swissport attacks, we learn yet another way ransomware attacks can affect the world. From one attack, 22 flights were delayed. The ripple effect of such delays when it comes to missed flight connections can be far reaching and costly to airlines and passengers. Such is the case with most ransomware attacks–the initial effect is just the tip of the iceberg. Often, the ultimate effects of a single attack are diverse and far-reaching.

#3- The attack on News Corp is a reminder for companies with multiple entities that a weak link in one entity can expose everything else. This also goes for departments and even individual employees within an organization. One weak link is all cybercriminals need to breach a system. The old saying “you are only as strong as your weakest link” is the key reminder and takeaway here.

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