80 Million People Are Using Microsoft Teams Phone for VOIP. Are You?

The new Microsoft Teams Phone features are giving business calling a modern makeover. Around 80 million people are currently using Microsoft Teams Phone for VOIP communication. With those numbers, the question becomes: why aren’t you? 

Why is Microsoft Teams Phone excellent? What identifying features caused 80 million people to make the switch? Let’s dig in deeper. 

Key Features of Microsoft Teams Phone (VOIP):

  • Incorporate calling into your existing Microsoft Teams workflow
    • Seamlessly transfer calls between devices.
    • Spam call identification.
    • Apple CarPlay support.
    • One-to-one call transcription and recording.
  • Connect existing telephony with Microsoft Teams
    • Operator connect.
    • Microsoft Teams Calling Plans expansion.
    • Works with third-party call center solutions. 
    • You can still use a physical phone!
  • Ability to create natural calling experiences using purpose-built devices
    • Teams devices complement one another, allowing users to answer a call, mute or unmute, and end the call on either the device or the Teams client.

Learn more about all of the Microsoft Teams VOIP features here

You are likely already using Microsoft 365 (especially if you’re a PK Tech client!), the switch to Microsoft Teams Phone phones is almost seamless. From an IT perspective, we believe you will achieve three worthwhile goals by making the switch: 

  1. Reduce your vendor count. 
  2. Have one interface for both voice & chat with Microsoft Teams.
  3. This will be the last time you’ll need to switch VOIP platforms. We said this with email migrations to Microsoft Office 365, now it’s true for your phone solution. 

Win, win, win!

If your business wants to change your current VOIP phone system or is curious to learn more about Microsoft Teams VOIP options, PK Tech is here to help. Our experienced team can walk you through the options and help you determine whether the switch makes sense for your business and workflow. Get in touch with us here.