Almost No One Has Upgraded to Windows 11: Here’s Why

With all the hype around the Windows 11 release, why has barely anyone actually upgraded? 

By the numbers of all PCs scanned the month after its release, less than 1% are currently running on Windows 11. Despite the Windows 11 update being available as a free update for Windows 10 users, data from IT asset management firm Lansweeper reported only 0.21% of PC users are currently running Windows 11. The report also found that Windows 11 is currently only the 5th most popular Windows operating system, and is behind both Windows 8 and Windows XP in usage. 

Let’s first look at what the upgrade would mean for you and your computer and then why many have chosen not to upgrade just yet.

Quick Facts on the Windows 11 Upgrade

  1. Windows 11 combines a user interface “upgrade” paired with a significant increase in system requirements.
  2. Microsoft has increased the system requirements significantly from Windows 10. The official link is here, but the notable requirements are the TPM 2.0 chip and 8th generation (or later) 64 bit CPU. 
    1. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. This is a chip typically found in business-class computers that store disk encryption keys. It allows you to encrypt your hard drive without having to enter in a long password (think 48 characters for BitLocker) on boot. Microsoft requiring TPM hugely limits the majority of consumer-grade computers from upgrading.

Should I Upgrade? Insight from PK Tech: 

First, refer to the original blog on Windows 11 we wrote here, Let’s Talk About Windows 11 from a Technical and Business Perspective. 

It is important to note that running end-of-life versions of Windows that no longer receive security updates from Microsoft will put your computer at higher risk of infection. If you are a PK Tech client, know that we closely monitor this. 

Despite the risks of older operating systems, the principles discussed in our original blog still stand true: Microsoft uses its users as real-life beta testers. If you don’t want to risk downtime for your business, don’t upgrade to Windows 11 yet, even if you have upgrade-ready hardware.

The moral of the story is this: wait to upgrade just like the rest of the world. We will advise when we think it is advantageous to do so.

Questions about Windows 11 and the right time to upgrade for your business? PK Tech is happy to answer any questions you may have- contact us here