3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Save You Money

Saving money is always the golden ticket, no matter your industry or business size. C-suite members and financial teams worldwide are constantly analyzing the most effective ways to cut costs and improve the organization’s bottom line.

It turns out that while we may be in the business of technology, we do know a thing or two about saving money, too. What’s more, sometimes it’s the technology itself that can help your bottom line.

So how can managed IT services save you money? We’re glad you asked. Let’s break down the top three ways managed IT services can improve your business’s bottom line.

1. Access to enterprise-grade tools for a discounted price.

One of the many benefits of working with an MSP is that you have access to enterprise-level tools without absorbing all of the high costs as a single business. There are many things business leaders across the board agree with regarding IT best practices. These include (but are not limited to): managed network firewalls, proactively applied operating system patches to each of your servers/workstations, and a solid backup system. As stand-alone tools, cost sometimes keeps small-to-medium sized businesses from investing in the necessary tools. The brunt of absorbing high enterprise-grade costs is not feasible for some small businesses. When you work with an MSP, they can provide you with the same essential tools at a fraction of the price because they can distribute the costs among their entire client base, significantly reducing your cost portion.

2. Access to expensive technology resources that are not always needed full-time.

Many small-to-medium-sized businesses cannot afford  skilled technology resources because they will never use them every day. When you work with an MSP, you’ll have access to these resources when you need them, but you won’t pay for them when you don’t. Plus, you have access to a large team of IT experts–rather than just the knowledge of a one-man show if you have one internal IT guy. Similar to the enterprise tools mentioned in #1, an MSP can distribute the cost of technology resources over its entire customer base and thereby reduce the cost to each customer. The benefit? access to all the help with a lower price tag. Win!

3. The fewer IT issues, the more profit for both client and MSP.

Speaking of wins, we love a good win-win relationship. One of the core benefits of working with an MSP is that your goals (you as the client and your MSP) are the same: reduce and prevent all IT problems. When this happens, you both make more money! It’s no secret that cybersecurity problems and organizational downtime cost your organization money. Internal IT staff are paid regardless and don’t have as much motivation to reduce and eliminate these threats. On the flip side, an MSP is highly motivated to reduce and eliminate any technical issues that may arise. Why do you ask? Several reasons: 1) an MSP’s reputation is on the line with every client interaction,  2) an MSP that operates on a fixed fee model has every incentive to eliminate technology issues as they arise — failing to do so costs the MSP money in time and labor, and 3) you can “fire” your MSP and find another one quite easily if you are dissatisfied.. When the end goal is the same for both client and MSP, it’s a win-win as you strive towards the same purpose. 

We intimately understand the strains of balancing budgets with investments into the future. We would love to discuss how working with an MSP like PK Tech can save your organization money. Get in touch with us here.