If Workplace Technology is Lacking, 50% of Workers Will Quit Their Job

Benefits like paid vacation and sick leave are not enough! A new study says that if workplace technology is not up to snuff, almost 50% of workers will quit their job. Whoa. That’s a lot!

According to Workfront’s 7th Annual State of Work report, 49% of the US workforce would leave their job because of frustrations with workplace technology. That means that despite current economic uncertainty and a competitive job market during Covid, workplace technology is important enough to cause almost half of the workers to leave their positions if they don’t feel it’s serving them properly.

Workfront,  a work management company owned by Adobe, carryied out two-1,000 respondent surveys on the topic. Interestingly, the first survey answers were collected before the February 2020 Covid lockdown, while the second survey answers were collected in November and December of 2020, several months into covid lockdowns. The timing of the two surveys was meant to capture the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the digital workforce. The goal of the surveys, among other findings, was to determine how Generation X (ages 44-52) and Millenials (ages 23-43) approach their work differently.

Not surprisingly, the second survey findings (nine months into Covid lockdowns) found heightened importance on digital workplace technology. Before Covid lockdowns, almost one-fourth of workers said they had quit a job because technology challenges made their job harder to complete. By the second survey during the ovid-lockdowns, that number had increased from 22% to 32%. Thus, the increased use of digital platforms during Covid essentially raised the importance of workplace technology.

What does this mean moving forward? 

  • Technology matters -respondents reported that they were more likely to apply to a job if they’d heard it provided great technology.
  • Workers now rely more on technology than before the pandemic — most importantly, they rely on technology to foster innovation, creativity and develop new ideas.
  • Technology is now needed to complete a job (post-pandemic) rather than just being an element that elevates your work level (pre-pandemic). Because of this, employees will choose to work elsewhere if the technology is not in place for them to complete their job.
  • Business owners and managers need to put the technology in place for their employees to do their jobs effectively — or face the risk ofemployees to choosing to work elsewhere.

Ask yourself: would a lack of proper workplace technology cause you to leave your current job? If you are a business owner, ask yourself: is your workplace technology up to par for your industry? Are your employees frustrated with your current workplace technology offerings?

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