5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your IT

When should your business bring in an outside IT Company? It is the million-dollar question. You might think we are biased, and we are. But, we believe an outside IT company can do a world of good for most Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs). So, don’t take it from us: review this list of questions to determine if your business is, in fact, ready to outsource to an IT company.

Pro tip: don’t wait until you qualify in all five categories. Be proactive now if your business answers “yes” to any of these signs!

5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your IT 

  1. Size: you have 10 or more PCs. You’re at a size where Managed Updates becomes essential, and you’ll need to choose how you can reliably secure your IT fleet. You should be looking for solutions to help scale and reduce complexity, such as centralized authentication via Active Directory, centralized Endpoint Security, and more.
  2. Revenue: you are over $1 million in annual revenue. If you have reached this level, it’s time to have a conversation with an IT company that knows firms your size and even 10 times your size so you can be set up for success as you grow. You will save money by avoiding costly penny wise pound foolish-style mistakes that many SMBs make early on.
  3. Expertise: does your business involve attracting and retaining IT talent? Or staying up to date on IT trends and security breaches? If not, outsource it, just as you do for your tax and legal needs.
  4. Compliance: are you subject to any regulatory requirements? Hint: if you store names and addresses on a computer, you’re subject to Arizona’s breach notification law. Compliance is an ever-evolving journey that requires dedication, and it is typically paired with a mature IT environment. Without outside expertise, and it’s unlikely an SMB could achieve compliance with internal resources (see #3).
  5. Cybersecurity insurance: do you have it? If you’re employing a friend, family member, random person on Craigslist, or intern to implement IT solutions, are you protected if they cause you to get breached? Every SMB should have cybersecurity insurance, but many do not qualify due to the application process rooting out insecure SMBs. Outsource your IT to an IT company with its own cybersecurity insurance (think errors and omissions for a CPA) to greatly reduce your risk. Hint: insured IT Companies will want to set up and manage your environment in a secure manner so they can remain insured! 

Don’t wait for all of these five signs to be true for your business before considering outsourcing your IT needs. The key is to get systems in place before you’re in the midst of an IT emergency. Be proactive in seeking IT solutions–it matters for the productivity and the security of your business.

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