70% of Consumers Believe That Businesses Aren’t Doing Enough to Secure Their Personal Information

Cybersecurity trends can teach us to learn from past mistakes. They can predict future problems and can enable us to be better prepared for future threats. 

7 out of every 10 people think that businesses are not doing enough to secure their personal information. That’s a heavy majority of people! Why is this? Let’s break it down.

Consumers are not hopeful about corporate cybersecurity standards. This statistic was proven by an Arcserve report, which found that 70% of consumers feel that businesses just simply are not doing enough to secure their customers’ personal information appropriately. No matter your organization’s size, the Arcserve report’s findings prove that it’s vital for every organization to invest in cybersecurity, including prevention and detection.  

Ok, so these are the findings from one report. Are they valid? Are they an accurate representation of the reality of all consumers? It appears so. According to the Varonis Global Data Risk Report, most companies have high percentages of folders and sensitive files that are accessible to all employees, large amounts of stale data, and both user accounts with non-expiring passwords and stale or inactive accounts.  This results in multiple ways that customer critical data can be compromised, and fully justifies consumer skepticism.   

We’ve always known proper cybersecurity infrastructure provides a significant competitive advantage. But when the numbers are this jarring, it demands your attention. Why not be one of the few companies that are properly protecting their consumer data? As a business, by properly investing in cybersecurity measures within your business, you hold the power to stay ahead of your competition. 

From CPA firms to law firms, to medical practices and more, PK Tech helps all types of businesses all across the Greater Phoenix Area do just that–get ahead of their competition. While you know how to run your business best, we know how to build your cybersecurity infrastructure stronger than ever so you can focus on what you do best. 

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