Study Predicts Managed Service Providers Will See a Boom Post-Pandemic

A recent study predicts that managed service providers (such as us, PK Tech) are likely to see a boom in demand post-coronavirus. For many Managed Service Providers (MSP) like us, we already see an increase in the need for our services.

Wondering why that is? 

The answer is two-fold: first, one of the main effects of COVID-19 is a normalization of remote work. A portion (if not all) of employees are now working from home for many organizations. This increases the need for a competent IT Company to be involved and set things up the right way for remote access. 

Second, the study reports that 55% of organizations rely on managed service providers to mitigate security risks through the services they offer. In simpler terms, 55% of organizations pay a managed service provider to help manage and reduce cybersecurity risks and threats to their business.

Key Study Findings: 

  • In the next 18 months, cloud infrastructure outsourced to service providers is set to increase to 77% and IT security outsourced is set to increase by 64%.
    • Currently, 73% of work around cloud infrastructure technologies and 53% of work around IT security is outsourced.
  • Globally, 45% of organizations report that they will increase their outsourcing in the next 18 months.
  • MSP clients highly value the following: the ability to drive outcomes related to cost, performance, and agility.

In summary, this study tells us a simple fact: companies prioritize cybersecurity in the current pandemic climate, and this is only going to increase in the next year and a half. This is in response to the past months of economic devastation globally and in preparation of the challenging months to come. 

Many companies now want more than just a technology supplier: they are looking for managed service providers that are going to help take their business to the next level. In a struggling economy, companies hoping to survive will be looking for every small advantage to beat their competition. The smart organizations understand that investing in a managed service provider will help them prepare, adapt, and grow when the economy fully reopens.

If you are interested in adding PK Tech’s managed service provider services to your organization’s toolbox, get in touch today.

Source: NTT Ltd commissioned report by IDG from Business Today